8 Proven Ways How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets

We all love our furry friends. They keep cuddling with us constantly, and we cannot deny that we deeply love them. Over the years, dogs have become important members of our families. When we travel, we take them with us, whether on a morning walk, an evening out or maybe a long tour. We just cannot leave our beautiful friend behind. No matter what, we all love having them next to us.

However, most of us dislike the smell our pals leave behind. Whether it’s on the sofa, inside the car or maybe our bed, some dogs smell stink by nature, and there is nothing we can do, but we can take some precautions or use some hacks to get rid of the dog’s stinky smells. Although their smell may not immediately bother us, people unfamiliar with dog smell might find the odor bad.

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Blankets

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Many dog owners often ask, “How to get the dog smell out of the blankets”?

If you’re an avid dog lover and cannot live without your furry pal for a moment, then you may have already noticed that when your pal comes to bed with you, they leave an odor. While you’re okay with it, have you ever considered how your relatives would feel if they were to smell the odor?

So here in this article, we have elaborately given some hacks that will help you fight against your furry pal’s bad odor.

How can we eliminate the dog smell from blankets?

One of the easiest ways to remove dog odor from a blanket is to keep it clean. Daily vacuuming will remove all the dog danders from your bed. One of the main reasons for dog odor is its dander.

They contain bacteria; thus, when you allow your dog to come on the bed, they play around you and leave dander on the bed. If you do not clean all those dead cells or dander from the bed, they spread more bacteria on your bed sheet and cause stinky smells.

So cleaning your bed is the easiest way to fight against the dog smell. Now Cleaning a bed sheet that smells of dog odor is not quite easy. Regular detergents may not effectively eliminate the stubborn smell from your bed sheet. To remove dog odor from blankets, one effective method is to use baking soda. Yes, you read it right.

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In this article, we suggest some best ways to get the dog smell out of blankets so that you will not have the same question, “how to get dog smell out of blankets”. Use these below-mentioned hacks to make your pet-parenting life easier and healthier.

1. Use baking soda ‘the natural home remedy for dog odor’:

Baking soda is one of the most well-known homemade pet odor removers. You can use baking soda without any worry at all. All you just need to do is add apple cider vinegar and baking soda in water, soak the blanket for a while, then wash it.

You will see the magic; there will be no dog smell or strain on the bed sheet. But make sure not to add too much apple cider vinegar. Add 1⁄4 of apple cider vinegar with baking soda and daily detergent. Too much vinegar may cause discoloration to your blanket.

2. Use the best homemade dog odor remover:

Hand washing may not work in several cases. We recommend you to machine wash the bed sheet. Because machine washing will dilute baking soda, vinegar and detergent appropriately, thus the odor and strain will disappear easily.

3. Use Baking Soda and leave it overnight:

If, in this way, you can kick off the odor and strain from the bed sheet, it is good. Else, there is another way you can remove the stain and odor easily. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the bed sheet at night, leave till morning, and deep rinse the bed sheet a couple of times. Then put it in the washing machine. This is how you can easily remove the oldest stain and odor from your bed sheet.

Baking soda is considered the best natural remedy for removing dog odor from blankets, and the benefit of using baking soda on blankets is that it does not cause discoloration or fray your blankets. Washing dog blankets with baking soda is a conventional way to remove dog odor. So you can rely on it.

4. Use Lemon Juice, the natural pet odor neutralizer:

One of the best DIY solutions for eliminating dog smells from blankets is lemon juice. The chemical components in lemon juice will neutralize the bad smell in the blanket. Just apply fresh lemon juice on the blanket and keep it aside before washing it. It works faster than baking soda too.

If you’re the parent of a female dog, you may have noticed that their bodily fluids can sometimes leave marks on blankets. Blood and urine marks are common on the blankets. If this is the case, Lemon Juice on the spot area will magically remove those blood and urine marks from the blanket.

Dog Smell Out of Blankets

5. Keep it under sunlight:

The easiest way to eliminate the canine scent from a blanket is to wash the bed sheet first. After washing, it’s beneficial to expose the bed sheet to sunlight for a while. This helps to further remove any lingering odors.

Keeping bed sheets in direct sunlight may fade color, so keep an eye on that. Sunlight kills bacteria easily and removes odor easily.

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6. Vacuum the area:

After using all these methods to remove dog odor from the bed sheet, you should regularly vacuum the area where your dog lives and roam around. By vacuuming the area, you can clean dog hair and dander easily.

7. Pet odor removal:

If none of the above formulas works, buy pet odor removal chemicals online or from the grocery shop. This will work to remove dog odor from your blankets or bed sheets. But all pet odor removal may not suit your blankets. Before applying pet odor removal on blankets, read the guidelines of the chemical you are going to use.

Now the question is, after using this above method, how will you be able to prevent dog body odor in the future?

8. Give bathe:

It has been observed that dogs tend to sweat more and can have a stronger odor during the summer season compared to other seasons. If your dog smells stinky during summer, it is recommended to bathe them twice. Giving your dog a bath is one of the easiest ways to keep the dog’s odor at bay.

Due to heat, dogs get rashes on their skin, causing them to smell bad. So if you see any symptoms, consult the doctor as early as possible. The Veterinarian may suggest some shampoos for your dog. These shampoos will keep your dog clean and fight against the bad odor.

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Tips for washing dog blankets and eliminating pet odors:

When removing dog odor from blankets, it is better to follow some tips from experienced pet parents. My friend Sara and I  used to worry about dog stains and odor.

However, after consulting with several knowledgeable pet parents, we gathered some important tips that we believe will be helpful for you. Please follow these tips carefully to make the process of removing odor from blankets easier for you.

  • If you see the bedsheet has a lot of hair, take time and shake off the excess hair from the sheet. We sometimes put detergent and an odor eliminator altogether in the washing machine! This is not the right approach to removing dog odor from the blankets. So manually remove the excess hair from the blankets.
  • Stain is one of the most stubborn things that doesn’t want to leave! So you must use some baking soda or dog stainer chemical on that area and leave it for a few hours. It becomes easier to remove the old stain from the blankets in this way.
  • Do not wash the blanket in hot water! We often make these mistakes, resulting in damaging the products, causing discoloration and fraying. So read the care label of the blanket or the clothes before you put them in the hot water.
  • Removing dog odor from couches can be a challenging task. In such cases, using covers on your furniture and couches can be a helpful solution. Washing couches and furniture is not an easy task, and it may require assistance. However, by using covers, you can protect your furniture from dog odor and save yourself the trouble of trying to remove the odor directly from the upholstery.
  • There are some chemical deodorizers available in the market. If you do not have time to wash the blankets and sofas, then use these deodorizers for an instant result. But this is not a permanent solution.
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No matter what we try, eliminating dog odor from blankets can be a challenging task. But these hacks will help you combat this stubborn dog smell. Freshening dog blankets are difficult, but some basic hacks and tricks will help you fight against dog odors.

There are plenty of chemical dog odor removers available on the market, but when you already have some magical home remedy at your home, what are you waiting for? Use all these formulas mentioned above and see the magic.

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FAQs: Dog Smell from Blanket

1. How often should you clean dog blankets to prevent odor buildup?

A: You must clean your blankets once or twice a week to prevent odor buildup. However, cleaning blankets depends upon several conditions like, how dirty it is and the volume of dander on them. The veterinarian suggests that in order to keep dog odor at bay, it is important to clean the blanket at least twice a week.

2. Are there any commercial pet odor removers that are safe for blankets?

A: Yes, there are many commercial pet-odor removers available in the market. These chemical-based odor removers can sometimes damage your product too! So while purchasing any odor remover from the market, please check the indication and components given with the odor remover.

3. What causes dog smells to linger in blankets?

A: Dog smell lingers in blankets because it is derived from the dog’s body. Every time you bring your dog to bed, your pal leaves its impression on it by leaving its bodily oil, saliva, dander and other things. Most of these things include bacteria and microorganisms! Therefore, if a dog is in your house, its odor will remain too.

4. Can I use regular laundry detergent to clean dog blankets?

A: Yes, you can, but again, if you want to remove stains and dog odor from your blanket, it will not work against them. You must mix baking soda and apple cider vinegar with it to remove the odor from dog blankets.

5. What are some natural remedies for getting rid of dog smells in blankets?

A: Baking Soda and Apple cider vinegar are the most effective natural home remedies that you can use to get rid of the dog smell from blankets. We have mentioned the procedure in this article too.

6. How do I know if my dog’s blankets are machine washable?

A: While purchasing a blanket for your dog, you must check the instructions on the care labels. The instructions will be there written for sure. Follow the instructions.

7. Can I air-dry my dog’s blankets, or do I need to use a dryer?

A: Do not use any dryer. They may cause damage to your product. Instead, you can air-dry your blankets. They do not fray or damage your blankets.

8. What should I do if the dog smell persists after washing the blankets?

A: If the dog smell persists despite trying various methods, using the steam cleaning method can be effective in removing the odor. Steam cleaning can help eliminate stubborn odors from the blanket. Remember soaking your blanket for a long time in vinegar solution may damage your blanket too. So keep an eye on that.

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