7 Reasons Why Is My Dog Barking At The Wall?

Animals have way better senses than human beings. When your dog growls at the wall, it means there is something! You need to find that out. I had this same question, “why is my dog barking at the wall?” But later I researched on the internet and found several satisfied answers. Still, there are some reasons which are not listed anywhere.

In this article, we are going to tell you why is your dog barking at the wall. We have to agree that dogs have way better sense than us. Every time our dog barks, it may seem meaningless to us.

Why is My Dog Barking At The Wall?

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But when our furry pal barks at the wall, it means they see something weird that we can not see with our bare eyes.

No! We are not talking about any superstitious things. Dogs sometimes suffer through inner injuries, pain, or muscle cramps, and due to these reasons, they start barking. People do have some superstitious concepts about the barking dog. We do not promote that at all. It has logical reasons.

Sometimes it’s a bit scary to see our dogs barking at nothing. Don’t be afraid of this. It is quite normal for your dogs to bark all of a sudden. In this article, you will see some logical points behind this concept of “barking dogs”

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Growls at Wall?

You may have the question “why is my dog barking at the wall all of a sudden”, this simply signifies that your dog may have sensed something that you cannot sense. You may notice your dog starts barking out of the blue! These may be symptoms of inner cramps, health issues, and many other serious unnoticeable issues.

Why is my dog keep barking at me?

When your dog is hungry or wants something from you at that time it may start barking at you for your attention.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Growl at the wall?

There are many reasons behind your dog’s barking. It doesn’t happen only with your dog but most dog owners have faced these issues. Veterinarians and researchers have given some rational ideas behind your dog’s growling. Let’s check those points one by one.

They hear something weird:

Unlike us, they do have a great sense of hearing. Your canine friend can hear the lowest noise that is impossible for you to hear. When you see your dog is barking at the wall it may happen that your pal has heard something weird thing regardless of distance.

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Maybe your dog has heard something from behind the wall. But as it cannot see through the wall that’s the reason it starts barking at the wall.

They see something wrong:

We all know that our pals become the saviors for us at night. When we sleep, it gives us high security. If you have this question why does my dog bark at night, then it’s probably because your dog may have noticed some intruders. Or maybe for other reasons. To give you an alert it starts barking.

Their smell senses are strong:

You may have noticed that if you put food on your dog’s plate then it runs towards you in no time. When they are not around the food but once you serve the food on its plate, automatically it appears in just a few seconds, and out of joy they sometimes start barking at you. Even they can bite you when overexcited.

Dogs can smell from a long distance whether it is food or something else. Its smell sense alerts him to be ready in any situation. When it smells something unfamiliar it starts barking.

When they are afraid they start barking:

You may notice that sometimes your puppy growls at the wall all of a sudden. You feel worried! Right? It may be out of fear. When your canine friend growls at nothing, notice whether it is afraid of anything or not. Often our little puppies start growling out of fear.

It is quite normal. To calm your barking dogs you can take them out of the place or the situation.

Poor diet:

If your dog is growling in the house very often then it may have been going through digestion issues. Poor diet is one of the main reasons for growling dogs. Inappropriate food may cause bellyache in your dog. Sometimes out of bellyache your dog may start barking.

They may want something from you:

When you see your dog is barking at you it means they want something from you. This has logic behind it. See, when your pal barks at you, to make him calm down you give him some rewards to take control of the situation. These rewards indirectly train your dog in a way that whenever it needs something it starts barking at you.

This happens in most cases. Whenever your dog wants some treat if it is hungry it may start growling at you.

They growl when they are aggressive:

We’ve almost covered every reason behind the barking dogs! When your furry pal becomes aggressive at something it may behave wrongly and start barking.

Why is My Dog Barking At The Wall?

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at The Wall?

So what to do when your dogs bark at everything?

Just train your dog not to bark at everything or you can just take control of the situation and make them comfortable.

Once you got the reason behind your dog’s barking, try to resolve those issues. And if you see that after taking initial precautions your dog is still behaving the same way then we would recommend not to put yourself at any risk. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible and follow the suggestions.

Although we have jotted down some basic solutions that you can follow to stop your dog from barking at the wall.

Resolve the issue:

If you find something visible that causes your dog to growl at everything then you can simply take action and can stop your dog from barking at the wall. Let’s take an example, suppose your dog has seen something or someone hiding behind the wall and because of that it has started barking then you can keep that thing or the person away from your dog’s reach.

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In this way, you might be able to control your dog’s barking. In most cases, your dog starts barking out of fear. So if you remove the object that causes fear in your dog then it will stop barking.

Change the place:

Sometimes thunderstorms and lightning drive your dogs crazy as a result they start barking at nothing. They do this out of fear. So in these cases, you can take your dog to a place where the sound and lighting might not reach your dog.

Change the wall color:

This is trending nowadays. We may have noticed that to keep street dogs away people use different colors of water or they paint the wall with some special colors such as blue and red.

It is said that animals don’t like red color. Although dogs can only see a few selective colors and among those colors red is one.

If you have a red color wall in your house it may happen that your dog doesn’t like that at all and gets furious out of fear.

If you see this happening with your dog, we would suggest shifting your pup to a room where red is barely visible. Or you can change the wall color.

Distract your furry pal:

A dog starts barking when it sees some anonymous. Maybe out of fear they do this. To stop your dog from barking you can distract your dog with some of its favorite toys. It is a beneficial trick to stop your dog from barking. We’ve tried this trick with our dog and it worked well.

Why Is Your Dog Barking At The Wall?

Train your dog:

Another proven trick to strop your dog from growling and barking is to train your dog properly. Dogs are teachable. It listens to you very carefully. From the beginning of this behavior if you notice it and train your dog not to bark at everything then it will gradually learn when to bark and when not to bark.

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Consult with your veterinarian:

The last option is meeting a veterinarian. Your dog may seem okay to you and you think it’s quite normal when your dog barks but wait, it may cause some inner illness in your dog. And because of these hidden issues, your dogs behave weirdly.

Consulting with a Veterinarian is the easiest way to get a solution for your growling dog. Because your veterinarian may rule out some probable reason behind your growling dog.

Is it a bad thing for my dog to bark at the wall?

This answer is quite confusing. See, if your dog is healthy and barks at everything then it simply means it has seen something or sensed something that’s the reason it has started barking.

On the other hand, if your furry pal is not in good condition or going through some inner health issues like bellyache, heartworm disease, breathing problems, and other health issues then it may be a bad sign.

We have noticed that in most cases dogs generally start growling at nothing because of their highly sensitive senses. We can’t see or feel everything as a result we cannot detect the cause behind our dogs’ growling. Sometimes it is quite normal if your dog happens to growl at nothing.

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But in very few cases your furry pal may start barking at everything due to inner illness. These cases are very less.

What should you do if your dog keeps barking?

As we’ve already discussed a few points to take care of your barking dog. You can use one of those, like distract your dog, try to involve it with some engaging activity, or you can take it to nearby dog parks or somewhere else. These are some basic things you can try to stop your dog from barking.

What not to do when your dog keeps barking at nothing?

There are a few things that you should not do when you see your dog is barking. These are the things that might turn your dog into more aggressive. Let’s check these points.

Do not give rewards to your dogs:

Giving a reward to your dog while it’s barking is a bad idea. When you start giving rewards to your dog to stop growling and barking, it may keep your dog calm for the moment. But if you start giving rewards every time you see your dog barking at the wall, it will become a habit for your pup. So don’t give any reward to stop your dog from barking.

Don’t shout at your dog:

It happened to us for few times. we started shouting at our dog when it used to growl at barking. For a while, it remains calm but it started behaving as if something wrong happened to it. Dogs usually bark or growl for various reasons.

We have to examine the cause behind our barking dog. Instead of understanding if we shout at them they will not feel comfortable. Dogs are our lovable companions so we should not shout at them. Shouting at your dog is not a solution, rather it will just get him more stressed.

Do not beat your dog:

We are against this behavior. We’ve seen many times that dog owners tend to beat their barking dogs. It is completely wrong. It might happen that instead of stopping barking, your dog may turn more aggressive and hurt you out of fear.

Do not leave your dog alone:

Dogs love companionship. When you leave this friendly animal all alone it starts feeling boring. As a result, it starts barking to get your attention. So try to keep your dog next to you always. Or at least try to spend time when you’re free.

Do not light fireworks:

It is proven that dogs don’t like firecrackers as it sounds noisy. You may notice your dog starts barking all of a sudden. It is because maybe your dog has heard some creepy noise of firecrackers, and out of fear, it starts barking at the wall.

Final Words:

After reading this article you may have a pretty good idea about your dog’s barking behavior. So by the next time when you see your dog is barking at the wall or nothing, don’t panic. Notice the probable cause and take action accordingly. Generally, a healthy dog doesn’t start barking out of the blue, but it is better to take suggestions from a Veterinarian if you see something wrong with your dog.

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