7 Reasons Why Does My Dog Climb on My Shoulders?

Imagine you are back from the office, you are lying on the couch, and suddenly your dog comes to you and starts climbing on your shoulder. What would be your reaction? Will you pet him and play with him, or would he annoy you?

Have you ever wondered, like me? 

Why Does My Dog Climb on My Shoulders?

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Why does my dog climb on my shoulders? 

Why does my dog climb on me?  

Yeah, I know you do. First of all, this is normal, no need to worry. He does that because it’s his comfy spot and he wants to show affection. He loves you. 

But, why do dogs try to sit on your head? This looks funny but your head is one of the warmest places of your body, and this spot is ideal for relaxation. They can also listen to all your conversations and see your face.

7 Common Reasons: Why Your dog climbs on Your shoulder 

1. Your dog is happy

It could be that he is expressing his delight. This is more probable if he climbs on you more often in scenarios like when you get back or when you’re trying to play with him. Dogs are very expressive creatures and he is happy to see you. He cherishes your presence. 

2. Your dog is greeting you

 One reason could be that your dog wants to greet you when you are back home. To be honest, it is very common for humans as well as dogs to greet their loved ones. It is just a pure gesture of affection.

3. You have encouraged this behavior 

Your dog has discovered that climbing on you yields rewards. If you treat it with positive attention, toys, or goodies when he climbs on you, it will likely do so more often in order to enjoy the benefits. So, if you don’t like it then instead of treating him avoid smiling and be quiet. 

4. Your dog is looking for attention

It may be that it is attempting to attract your attention by doing so. This is more likely to be the case if you prefer to give greater attention to it when your puppy climbs on your shoulder.

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5. Your dog wants to play with you

Another reason your dog might want to climb on you is that he wants to play with you, and the only way to do so is to catch your attention. As a result, he believes that climbing your shoulder will enable him to gain your whole attention as quickly as possible because you won’t be able to resist him for long.

6. Your dog is showing affection 

Your dog loves you; he will demonstrate it in even the weirdest manner. Climbing on your shoulders, for example, is one of them. Your dog is around your shoulders, he has access to your face and ears. Get ready for all the dog kisses! 

7. Your dog is scared

It’s possible that your dog is terrified if he pants, shakes, or growls. Many things can frighten your dog. Thunder, fireworks, and other loud noises might send them scurrying for cover under the table. Other animals may also be a source of fear for them.

So, why does my Dog Climb on my Shoulders? Here are a few reasons why dogs climb up to your shoulder. Other possible reasons maybe he is trying to come closer to you; he’s aiming for a higher level, expressing his affection for you as his owner, or he wants to be at the right height to observe everything going on around him. He wants to protect you from all the danger approaching you. 

why does my dog climb on my shoulders

What does it mean when a dog climbs on me?

Why does my puppy climb on me? It’s possible that your pup is doing it because it wants something from you. This is more likely if it does it more frequently around a specific period, such as when you feed it or take it for a walk. If your dog randomly jumps up at every given opportunity, you may be thinking about why he’s acting this way and whether or not his attitude is one that should be encouraged.

Is it a bad thing for my dog to climb on my shoulders?

No, your dog climbing on your shoulders is entirely natural. Dogs enjoy being around and playing with their owners. It’s possible that he’s bored or hungry. You can either play with or feed your dog. Some people don’t mind if their dog wants to sit on their shoulder to feel safe. While others prefer to discourage the behavior and provide him with another method to relax.

You can’t help but laugh at your dog’s adorable behaviors. It’s amusing to see dogs struggling to get into position and crawl around on top of you. Determine what is best for you and your dog, and strive to encourage positive habits that will make both of you feel happy. It’s important to be safe and have a good relationship.

You might have noticed that sometimes your dog tries to bury his head into you. Have you ever wondered why is he/she doing this? A dog does this to provide comfort or seek comfort from you. They know their master is their best friend and they are in their comfort zone.  

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3 Tips: How to stop your dog from climbing you?

Avoid reinforcing this behavior:

It’s possible that you’ve been encouraging your dog to jump on your shoulders by rewarding it. Instead, reward it when it doesn’t leap on your shoulders, avoid paying attention to it when it does, and wait for it to calm down.


If you can put your dog in circumstances where he can learn, that will benefit. Spend a couple of minutes coming and going numerous times a day if the hopping occurs more commonly after you come home from work.

If your dog jumps up, don’t be alarmed; simply step back outside. Positive reinforcement training could also be used to teach it not to jump on your shoulders. When it does not jump up, you reward it, and when it does, you stop rewarding it.

Give attention:

Give your dog attention throughout the day. If you are free, then try spending some with your time. This will help in making your dog feel comfy and he might stop jumping on you randomly.

why does your dog climb on your shoulders

What should you do if your dog keeps climbing and jumping on me?

Why does my dog jump on me? You’ll need patience and determination to teach your dog not to jump up on humans. It’s important to remember that there are some things you should be doing and others you should not. If you constantly teach your dog, you’ll have a best friend who will do whatever you teach him to do.

Your dog jumping on you is entirely normal. Maybe he’s hungry or just wants to spend some time with you. Like people, puppies crave attention and affection, which is quite acceptable. It is quite acceptable for your dog to seek love and attention from you.

What not to do when your dog climbs you?

You may have thought of punishment or painful training as methods for teaching a dog not to leap. One example is a knee to the dog’s chest. Another option is to use leash correction(recommended), which involves pulling the leash to get the dog to leave you alone. Any of these strategies for preventing your dog from climbing on you should be used with caution. These techniques have the potential to harm your dog.

Why does my dog climb on my shoulders when I arrive home?

Often, when dogs are excited, they will do things such as climb on your shoulders, headbutt you, licks you, some puppies may bite you gently, etc. If your dog generally climbs on your shoulder when you get back to your home from the office or work, it might be because he missed you during the day, or he is excited to see you and wants to play with you.

Why does my dog rest on my shoulder?

Some dogs want to be as close to their owner as possible that’s why they rest on their owner’s shoulder, which is a perfectly normal thing. Others show affection by resting their head on their knee, and some lean against you. This is the time to improve your relationship and appreciate the wonderful moments of love.

Why does my dog climb on my shoulders when I sit down?

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If your dog climbs on your shoulders when you’re sitting, it’s possible that he’s attempting to persuade you to get up so he can get some exercise or food. This is more likely if your dog only appears to do it when you haven’t fed or exercised him.

It could also be related to your dog’s dominant nature, which is more likely if he wants to sit higher than you. If the behavior persists, seeking the opinion of a local dog behaviorist may be beneficial.

Why does my dog put his paws on my shoulders? 

Depending on the situation, your dog may try to place his paws on your shoulders. It’s frequently interpreted as a show of affection. An endeavor to get in close proximity to you. There are situations when this could be construed as an attempt to assert dominance.

Why does my dog sit behind me on the couch?

Your dog may sit behind you because it is more comfortable there, it is being protective, maybe it feels more comfortable there, it might have fear of abandonment, or because you have accidentally fostered the behavior in your puppy. To get rid of the dog smell on the couch, start by vacuuming or using a lint roller to remove hair. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the fabric and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off.

Final Words

I hope now you know why your dog climbs up on your shoulder. Now you have your answer to your question – “why your dog continues to climb on you” and “what you can do to discourage it”. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my dog jump on me while walking?

Your dog may jump on you while walking because he or she is excited, wants to play, or has learned that the behavior is rewarded. When he starts jumping, it’s a good idea to stop walking it and ignore it until it calms down. 

2. Why does my dog sit on my other dog?

A: It’s possible that sitting on each other is a type of play. Dogs are frequently raised with siblings who may have tumultuous relationships. When puppies are together, they roll, loll, and lay on each other. It may be also a reason for exchanging body heat among themselves.

3. Is it OK to let a puppy jump on you?

A: Yes, as long as your puppy is not biting or trying to harm you, you are perfectly fine. The puppy is only trying to gain your attention and spend some quality time with you.

4. Why do dogs climb on your chest?

A: Separation anxiety, a desire for attention or exercise, being protective, you having accidentally reinforced the behavior or being dominated are all possibilities for why your dog sits on your chest.

5. Why does my dog jump into my seat when I get up?

A: There are various reasons why your favorite puppy would want to take your seat, and its body language reveals everything. Affection and authority are the two most typical motivations. Dogs are usually willing to take your position since it signals safety to them.

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