How to Calm a Male Dog when a Female is in Heat

If you have welcomed and brought two dogs of different sexes into your house then you might be shocked to see a sudden behavior change. Your furry friends seem to be more aggressive and whining and it’s very difficult for you to calm them down. 

But are you wondering what’s wrong with them? First, nothing is wrong with your furry friends. All these changes are instincts. Your female dog is in her heat cycle. And, during this time your other male furry friend is naturally attracted toward the female friend’s scent.

tips to calm a dog in heat

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The first question that might come to your mind is, how to calm a male dog when a female is in heat? But before knowing the answer you need to calm down and act smartly and efficiently.

Know about the Heat Cycle of Dogs

Your female dog annually experiences one to four heat cycles which last them for two to three weeks. It’s very obvious that initially, you won’t see any signs but after a few days, you may see swelling of the vaginal area and blood discharge.

The common symptoms of a female dog in heat are she will go through a lot of mental and hormonal changes. And, during this heat cycle, your male furry friend will catch a whiff of a female mate and come knocking.

How to Handle a Dog in Heat?

You need to know how to calm a dog in heat for better support and attention. You have to understand that your dog is going through strange emotions and she needs extra caring and love from you. Your furry friend may easily get anxious and lash out during this period

There are few stages of the heat cycle your female friend goes through. 

Therefore, if you are well aware of how to calm a male dog in heat will be an added advantage. The initial phrase is bleeding, behavioral changes, and high fertility

how to calm a male dog in heat

A Common Behavior of The Male Dog in Heat 

Before knowing how to treat a female dog in the heat, you need to know how to calm a male dog in heat. 

When a male dog smells a female dog’s scent in heat, they will do anything to get to their mate. If you think that your dog is well-mannered and won’t behave strangely then you are wrong. During this period, the most noted symptoms of the male dog in heat are that you are unable to control your male dog and he may jump over the fences or run across the busy road to get to the in-heat female dog. 

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Sounds like a movie, right? Where the hero knocks down all the challenges and beats up all the villains to meet his girlfriend. Yes, something like that happens with your dog too. 

A female dog in heat releases a pheromone known as Methyl p– hydroxybenzoate which sexually arouses the male dog

You will find that your dog eats less during this time which raises his marking sense. And, during this time if he marks a female scent in heat then he becomes very aggressive and gets obsessed over tracking down the female dog throughput of her heat cycle. 

Therefore, the male dog doesn’t go on heat but you need to know how to calm a male dog in heat. 

How to Calm a Male Dog when a female is in Heat
How to Calm a Male Dog in Heat

A Common Behavior of The Female Dog in Heat

Aggression is a common behavior among female dogs in heat. This is one of the reasons your dog can bite you when she is excited. Their drastic hormonal changes led to dog mood changes. It also causes irritability, nervousness, and pain because of ovulation

Her pituitary gland in the brain acts differently and his endocrine system is out of whack. The metabolism levels, energy levels, and mood work very differently, and not only you but your dog won’t understand her feelings

She feels confused and very new to this change and whining is very common. She may also urinate a lot during this time and sometimes her temperature may also rise. But if you find her getting insane then it’s highly preferable to take her to the vet. 

Therefore, I hope by now you know the common behavior of dogs in heat. Now, we will study how to calm a dog in heat. 

Common Behavior of The Female Dog in Heat

How to Calm a Male Dog when a Female is in Heat?

How to calm a male dog when a female is in heat? This is a common question all dog owners ask. Being a dog owner myself, I have found the following steps which you can follow to calm your male dog in heat. 

It is a biologically male dog that wants to be around the female dog when she is in heat. Follow these steps to calm down your male dog in the heat. 

Separate the male dog from the female dog. The best way to calm your male dog is to separate your male dog from a female dog in heat. You can put your male furry friend inside a kennel or keep him indoors for a few days. Don’t allow him to come near your female friend so that he cannot smell her scent. 

Keep male dogs indoors and female dogs outdoors. Pay attention that the male dog can’t come close to the female dog. 

A separate room or separate house: 

If you are like me having two dogs of different sex at the house then shut both the dog in separate rooms so that there is no chance to smell. Keep the door closed and don’t allow your male dog to enter the other room. 

Importantly, don’t give any toys of female dogs to your male dog. If you do it then your male dog will get the scent of a female dog in heat and you will only create more problems. If he gets an idea then whining, moaning, and scratching on the door is guaranteed. 

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Pamper your male dog too:

While taking care of a female friend, don’t forget to take care of your other mate too. Take him out for a regular walk so that his energy is spent on walking rather than trying to smell your female friend. 

During the heat don’t take your female friend outside; there are two reasons behind it. First, she is physically a little weak so she should rest. Second, she can be a distraction for other male dogs on the street. Do you want all the street male dogs to start stalking her? 

Pamper Your Dog
Pamper Your Dog


Using “lust buster” is another great way if you are wondering how to calm a dog in heat. This is a special product you can purchase from Amazon for your male furry friend to keep him away from female mates during the heat. It is made up of essential herbal oils and peppermint. 

You can spray lust buster on your male dog’s nose which will temporarily mask the smell of a female dog in heat. This product prevents your dog from getting distracted by the female scent. 

Go to Vet and fix both the pups:

My dogs are not neutered but my sister’s dogs are. Nick, my sister’s male furry friend, was neutered when he was 6 months of age. It is said that it lessen the sex drive and testosterone levels. It is also believed that neutered reduces cancer among dogs. My sister always shouts at me to stop spraying on dogs. 

This step is personal, if you want to do it then visit the vet and talk to your doctor. Remember that neutering doesn’t stop male dogs to go near female dogs during the heat but to some extent, it lessens the sex drive. 

dog in vet

Therefore, these are the steps that are the best answer to your question of how to calm a male dog in heat

How to Calm a Female Dog in Heat?

We can’t deny the fact that it is not a fun time for her. She is in pain and things can get a little messy at your house too, but you love her and you can learn new things to help her and keep her calm and comfortable. 

You can follow these steps below if you are wondering what to do when your dog is in heat? 

Get a britches for your female furry friend:

Are you thinking about what britches are? Then let me tell you these are special panties for dogs and you can buy them from Amazon. These panties are great during such times. It has two benefits, one, keeps them protected, and second, it prevents them from getting pregnant. 

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Keep the air healthy and calm:

How to calm a male dog in heat is by spraying methanol spray on your female furry friend’s tail. I use methanol spray because this smell is very overpowering and I feel the best spray to lessen female dog scent during the heat. 

After spraying him the scent I always play with him so that she doesn’t lick off the spray. But I will advise you to seek prior permission from your veteran before applying any perfume. Some dogs are allergic to sprays, but thankfully my dog, Alexa, is not. 

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You can also follow these steps below to take extra care:

  • Your furry friend demands all your attention and love during her heat. Therefore, what you can do is make her feel homely and cuddle with her. Keep her on your lap and work and play and enjoy your day too!
  • Give her some safe toys and never scold her if she messes up your room. You have to understand it’s not her fault but it’s biological and you have to take care of her. 
  • Give her enough water to drink which can reduce pain

I hope now you are very clear about what to do when your dog is in heat? Therefore, next time don’t freak out and be patient and follow the above steps.

clam a female dog in heat

Home Remedies for a Dog in Heat:

I understand not everyone has a big house where you can keep your dog separately. So, if you are one of them and wondering how to stop a male dog from smelling a female in heat then this is for you. 

  • Get a dog diaper from Amazon which is a great product and it will collect the discharge and also keep your house clean from bloody mess. If you use this diaper it also reduces the female natural scent and keeps your male dog under control. It also acts as a natural barrier that prevents sex between the two. 
  • During her heat season, always keep one of the dogs on a leash. Your dog might be well trained but you don’t want to take any risk. Matting is an instinct and to stop that you have to keep an eye on and keep him or her on a leash. 
  • Remember, your sweet pooch is a ball of attraction for the entire male dog inside and outside your house. Hence to keep her protected you have to keep your property secure. Take care of your fenced yards and make sure there is no hole so that other dogs can slip in. 

Therefore, now you know how to keep the house clean when the dog is in heat? 

Preventing Pregnancy while your female friend is on heat: 

Follow these steps to prevent pregnancy or any interaction with a male mate.  

  • When you are taking your female pooch out for potty breaks always keep male dogs separated from your pooch. 
  • Take care of your pooch’s health; make sure she is healthy and eating well. If your mind says she is not doing well then take her to the doctor. 
  • Remember her heat cycle is not only about bleeding but many more. Therefore stay extra cautious. 

Are you still wondering what I can give my dog to calm her down? I am sure I helped you to get a lot more clarity now. Therefore take care of your dog now!

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FAQ on How to Calm a Dog in Heat

1. How long does a male dog stay in heat?

A: Male Dogs don’t stay in heat. Normally, female dogs stay in heat for three weeks.

2. Do dogs bleed the whole time they are in heat?

A: No, they don’t bleed the whole time. They bleed for 7 to 10 days. 

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