Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited?

Having a pet dog is the best companion one can ever have. They can cheer up your dull day in a jiffy. They won’t ever let you feel alone. But having a dog comes with responsibility too. And sometimes the behavior of the dogs can be confusing, especially when your dog bites you when he is excited. You would surely wonder why my dog is biting me out of excitement?

As a dog parent, you would certainly notice one thing, that your dog loves to taste everything. So be it your shoe, cloth, a box, rug, anything and everything they love to discover with their mouths. Biting is a natural tendency for all puppies. But as they grow up, you need to make sure that they get rid of some of the irritating habits.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited?

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However, some dogs do love to bite and taste things even when they grow up. If your dog jumps and bites when excited and you’re not sure what to do, then you’re at the right place.

Let’s dive right away and know  “why does my dog bite me when excited” and how to train your dog not to bite when excited.

Why Does My Dog Bite when Excited?

Well, it is very common for a dog to jump and bite when excited. But if the behavior is beyond control and you or your family members are hurt by any chance then you need to start thinking why does my dog bite me when excited. So, let’s see the reasons why do dogs bite when they are excited.

Your puppy is in a playful mood:

If you don’t know why your dog jumps and bites when excited, then one of the reasons can be that he is in a playful mood. He wants to play with you and he shows his willingness by biting you. It’s his way of telling you that he needs you at this time to play with you. 

Your dog jumps and bites when excited especially when he wants to play and there is no toy or stuff for him to play with. So your dog nips you when excited as you happen to be his only playmate at that time.

He wants to chew something:

You are surprised and you’re thinking why does my dog bite me when excited, then probably your dog wants to chew something. In general, dogs like to move their mouth and chew something or the other.

Now this urge increases when he doesn’t get any stuff around him for chewing. And if you are near to him, he will grab you for this opportunity. If you can’t figure out why do dogs nip at you when excited, you must make check whether he is looking for something to chew.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited?
Dog loves to chew

He wants to soothe himself:

Sometimes it’s really hard to make why my dog keeps biting me when excited. But a dog jumps and bites when excited when he is experiencing pain. If he is having teeth or mouth pain, he wishes to grab on to something to soothe his pain.

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Now you know one of the reasons why do dogs nip at you when excited. Biting you helps him to calm himself and release the uncomfortable pain from himself.

He is looking for some attention:

Are you totally confused and looking for the answer “why does my dog bite me when excited?” Well, your little pet dog wants some much-awaited attention. So if you’ve been busy with your work or spending a lot of time with your children but not with your doggo, then you’ve upset him quite a bit.

When your dog feels neglected, he will jump on you to let you know his presence and he is craving some love and care. You will notice this behavior if you have a puppy.

So, if your puppy bites when excited, then surely you have not given him enough attention and it’s time for you to cuddle with your puppy for a while.

dog bites when excited
PC: Flickr

He is full of energy:

If you’re a lazy dog parent and hardly takes your dog for walking or running, then your dog surely has some extra energy in himself. Now, what does he do with all those enthusiasms?

Your dog keeps biting on you to channelize his energy. Biting you is the only easy option for him to shake his body up a little bit.

He likes to jaw-wrestle:

Some dogs love to jaw wrestle with other dogs. When you notice your dog bites while playing or your dog jumps and bites while walking, it might be an indication that he wants to jaw wrestle.

Since he does not have any other furry friend of his around him, you’re his companion. So he doesn’t look for any other object, rather starts biting you when excited.

If you feel your dog gets aggressive when excited then chances are he is mistaking you as one of his furry friends with whom he wants to jaw-wrestle.

Dogs like jaw-wrestle
Dogs like jaw-wrestle

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How to Stop My Dogs from Biting when Excited?

You’re tired as your dog jumps and bites when excited and can’t figure out how to stop them. Don’t worry. Here are some awesome tips for you to apply for training your dog to do stop biting.

Leave him for a moment:

This can work in your favor. Go to a different room and keep the door closed for a while. A little bit of alone time for your dog can be helpful as it will work as a punishment for him. When you’re out of his reach, he won’t get any chance to bite or jump on you.

After few a minutes, step out of your room and start trying to calm him down. You can make attempts to make him sit in this case.

 Leave your dog alone for a moment
Leave your dog alone for a moment

Toss his food:

Who doesn’t love a good treat? If your dog is biting you when excited, then get some of his treats and scatter them on the floor.

His attention will be diverted and he will be busy collecting and eating the foods keeping you free. You can definitely try this method if you’re in any of the dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles. The ample space on the hiking ground will help your dog to leave you and focus on the food. So don’t forget to carry your dog treats in your dog backpack carrier.

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It’s your turn to be calm and quiet:

You might not understand but sometimes your movements can reflect upon your dog too. So if they find you moving, walking, waving hands, or shifting from one place to another, he will bite you.

For sometimes, you need to be totally still and calm. Just don’t walk around and sit in one place without making too much movement. Your dog will stop as well.

Control the situation:

If your dog is out of control or too much aggressive, then you can surely put him on a leash. Keeping him on a leash will also come in handy if you are going for a cross-country road trip with your dog and you don’t know how to calm an excited dog in the car.

This can be an easy solution. Putting them on a crate while going for a long car ride with your puppy will help you a lot. Keep them behind the dog gate if you’re expecting guests at your place to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

What to do When Your Puppy is Excited?
PC: Flickr

Make him play or exercise:

Exercising your dog can help your dog to get rid of this habit. Take him to your backyard play with him. Let your dog fetch balls or sticks. Give him chance to run as much as possible so that he can release energy.

Make him sit in difficult situations:

You need to train your dog for sitting in different situations especially in the most distracted ones. Try to make him while walking or while he gets excited seeing another furry friend.

You need to constantly teach this to your dog until he gets the hang of it and is able to sit even when he is biting you out of excitement.

One of my friends was visiting a dog park in Las Vegas while his dog started jumping and biting him. However, since he already taught his dog to sit anywhere under any situation, he was able to make him sit and calm him down in a quick span of time.

Use Your Hand:

Teaching your dog a new behavior can really help you. Use your hand to help your dog press his nose against it. As soon as you keep your hand open in front of his nose, his focus will shift from his mouth to your hand. He will be busy sniffing it.

Teach him continuously until he gets the cue and touches your hand. You can also train your dog with the same for greeting your guests as well. This way your dog will stop jumping and biting when he is excited.

What to do When Your Puppy is Over-Excited?

Handling a puppy is a bit tricky because of their tender age. You certainly don’t want to hurt your puppy by any means. At the same time, you do wish that they don’t grow up with this behavior.

First of all, you need to distract him with a toy. You need to divert his energy to a different mode to calm down his over-excitement.

Let your puppy get involved in activities like puzzles so that his mind is occupied.

Another great option is to reward your puppy when he is good. When your puppy is calm, you must rub his back, give them extra treats or give them a special toy. This will act as an encouragement for your puppy and he will be more prone to be calm and quiet.

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Also, you can use some calming scents like lavender, rosemary, and vanilla to calm down your puppy. As smell is the strongest forte for dogs, it will help your puppy to quickly get rid of his excitement. However, don’t forget to check if your puppy has any allergies to any particular scent.

What to do When Your Puppy is Over-Excited?

What You Shouldn’t Do When a Dog Bites You When Excited?

There are certain things you must follow to stop your dog from jumping and biting when excited. But there are some red flags as well. Some of your actions can backfire if you don’t take them seriously.

So, here’s some things that you should NOT do when a dog bites you when excited.

Do not scream:

He is already excited and you definitely don’t want him to intimidate by screaming at him. This will only make him extra anxious. Screaming can lead to making him more aggressive and he might end up biting you even more.

Do not hold his muzzle:

You should not hold his muzzle. While you’re doing this to make him stop biting, but actually he is getting into a more uncomfortable position. Due to his discomfort and restlessness, he will bite you even further. So, never hold your dog’s muzzle when your dog jumps and bites when excited.

Do not hurt him:

You should not make any attempts to hurt him. Dogs love their masters but if they are hurt by them, it will have a negative effect on their hearts. The relationship between you two can go into a toss.

Do not pull him back:

If your dog jumps and bites when excited, then you might try to pull him back for stopping him. However, pulling him can distress him even more. He might also get hurt if you do so for a while.

Do not push him:

Just as you should not pull your dog, you must not push him down too. Your dog wants to see your love for him and not your power over him. So, if you wish to keep a healthy relationship with your pet dog, you should not push him even if he jumps and bites when excited.

Dogs can never be a nuisance if you train them correctly and know the right tips and tricks. There are many advantages of keeping a dog and benefits of traveling with a dog. But you must know why does my dog bite me when excited and how to stop them, to prevent any unpleasant situation.

Now you’ve all the information on why does my dog bites me when excited and also the amazing tips that can stop your dog from biting and jumping when excited. Go and have a great fun time with your furry friend.

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FAQ – Why Does My Dog Jump and Bite Me When Excited

1. Why does my dog bite when I come home?

Ans: Your dog bites you when you come home is because he was separated from you for a while which made him anxious. Also, if your dog wants to pee or is hungry, he will bite you.

2. Why does my dog bite the visitors?

Ans: Your dog can be excited or nervous seeing the visitors at your place. When they wish to play with the new guests they bite them to show their intention. Again, if they’re nervous they will bite them to defend themselves from unknown visitors.

3. Why do My Dogs Fight when Excited?

Ans: When your dogs are on leash always or behind their dog gate, they feel confined. This confinement leads them to fight with each other when they’re excited.

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