9 Reasons Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Toys? Should You be Worried?

Why do dogs roll on their toys? To identify this interrogation, one must understand the behavior of dogs. Generally, dogs roll on their backs to indicate submissiveness or confidence to other dogs or humans, however, the dogs rolling on their plaything might have distinct causes. Few are more virtuous like my dog is very jovial or is attempting to accumulate my attention, while other people propose your dog might be plaguing over their plaything, which is not considered to be good conduct to authorize to resume.

If a person is willing to make that why their dog is rolling on their toys, so this study gives the most determining causes right here. Many people never like their dogs to be rolling on their toys as they feel this act to be unclean.

why do dogs roll on their toys?

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What Does It Mean When Dog Roll on Their Toys?

Our dogs roll around on top of their individual toys or any such objects as a symbol of their ultimate happiness. Every dog is having their personal scent on definite objects or toys. Rolling on their toys means having an obsession to play and roll with them.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Roll on His Toys?

There are different sets of reasons why dogs roll on their toys. There are some points discussed below:

The dog is in a happy state

When the dog is very happy with their friends or with their master, they feel very fresh and amazed. One can understand when their dog is happy or sad. We must observe his body language when the dog is happy. Often at times, dogs roll on their wriggle and back as they feel blissful.

Expressing happiness

To elaborate on the description, when our dogs prefer to roll onto their toys, they might be doing it as expressing their happiness in the best possible way. The dogs also rub on their toys or grab any ball with their mouth to show their enjoyment with their master. However, sometimes dogs roll on everything as they love to touch and feel objects when they are happy. Often many people take their dogs for a walk in the evening or morning. The dogs want free space rather than a congested area. They too need fresh air for proper breathing. 

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Natural scent

Often, dogs roll on their toys to find their personal scent. They too rub against a different object in a manner to make other people know that they are around. This is definitely a way of sketching their domain without raising or scrunching their legs. When your dog leaves their personal scent on the objects that they play with, the dog is saying to others that the very object is only his. So, it will be better if it is to be left alone.

Too obsessed with their toys

Our dogs often stake claims to a specific toy to make it their own. If the toy is touched by someone else, the dog starts showing anger or disgust when they bark. Every dog is having a specific toy to play with which they do not want to share with anyone else.

Attractive Sound

There are few squeaky toys that give a typical sound when pressed. Sometimes, dogs like to hear the sound while touching it. Hence your pup can roll on his toys to listen to that sound. But there are certain sounds that annoy dogs.

Dogs are meant to be very smart. If there are hard wooden toys, they do not like to play with them as it will make them discomfort while playing. Rather a soft toy will make them feel good as it is easily chewable and fluffy.

Seeks for attention

Our dogs also need attention as it might be he wants to enjoy themselves with their master or maybe wishes some care or rubs on their back. They have also realized that rolling over their playful objects is a wonderful pattern to obtain our attention. They are very smart and comprehend the influence of reason and impact, so if the dogs detect their master give them a lookout every period they caress an object, then they shall probably resume making so.

why do dogs roll on their toys?


There might be a separate set of reasons for puppies rolling on their toys. Dogs are often obsessive in nature. This sort of behavior might be a definite symbol of fearfulness or anxiety. However, it also might be discovered behavior associating the objects (toys) with specific reactions. Though this kind of behavior can be left like this without being worried. It may happen that our dog has simply become attached to his object and loves to roll often. If your dog tries to bark when she rolls on her toys and glances at you weirdly then it is meant to have a change in behavior. They also feel that they have possession of the objects. This might also depend on any obsession specifically if the dogs are feeling endangered in any way.

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Rolling on the treat

Dogs often roll on their treat or push it around their nose. Dogs are more happy playing with their toys than eating their meal. Nobody wants to make this habit of dogs rather we would love it if our dogs consume their meal on time. If we leave the food and dogs together and leave them to eat on their own, it will be a mess, our dogs leave the food and play with the toy. We must feed them with our hands as they are like our children.

Rolling on their bones

Our dogs roll on their bones too as it is attractive for them and it is the most amazing toy that they love. It has been seen that if there are new objects that have been brought, the dog stares at them for a moment and tries to touch and feel them.

How to Stop Your Dog from Rolling on His Toys?

1. For stopping your dogs from rolling on their toys, the primary action can be to distract them. A good distraction can make your dog look somewhere else. We must treat our dogs as our children. If we intend to play with the dog and take him elsewhere then it would help them enrich rather than playing and rolling on their toys. 

2. We must give a specific name to the dog so that they respond to our given call. A good way of calling means that our dog shall come to us at any point in time even though they are distracted by other objects, animals, or food. We must call with some caring names and treat them timely and caress their back. We should often take them on any ride to an open area for them to play freely. A dog who is well-trained can be called at an instant notice, which also means that one could get the dog away from whichever toy or object they might be rolling on. 

3. The “leave it” statement can help the dogs from rolling on any objects or toys. There is an instance I wish to share, once a mother of two shouts at her pet dog (Tommy), by saying – “Leave the toy, Tommy”. By hearing the noise, the dog stares at her and is silent for a while. This shows that the dog to responsive to his or her master. 

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4. We all know that our dog is the best pet. However, if rolling around the toy is not bringing harm to any health or anyone then we must let them be like this as this also cheers the dog in a good way and energizes their behavior. 

why do dogs roll on everything?

What not to do when your dog rolls on his toys?

We must not pick up the toy forcefully, which might make cause the dog’s behavior. It can even bite you if you try to pick up the toy quickly. Rather we must try to avoid it and pick up the toy gently.

How to calm your dog when it is too busy in rolling on his toys? 

We must handle our dogs with utmost care to calm a dog. We must try to interact with our pets in the most gentle manner. We should not do anything that can cause a problem in their temperament. We must be caring in nature and calm the dog down by calling their name and caressing their back. 

Sometimes, our dogs bury their head in us to deliver comfort, perceiving that we might seem anxious. Buring head into us also can seek protection if they feel scared. Here, both cases can create a beautiful bond between you and the dog. At some points, a dog growls at nothing is driven by any sensitive reasons, it can be their nose or eyes or any danger that they can sense before you. 

However, if the dog starts reacting suddenly then there might be an issue with its health. If the dog is injured, the reaction comes this way. In this case, we must take them to any veterinary doctor, so that they can be able to understand the issue and deliver a proper response or treatment to that.

Final Words

In the concluding part, it can be said that the dogs can be strange too and does strange things. Rolling on the objects or toys can be a normal thing that they usually do. So, it is important to wash the toys on a daily basis to roll on. Sometimes it has been seen that if your dog’s skin is itchy, they try to roll on their toys. However, if this happens then you should visit the doctor on an immediate basis. Apart from that, there is no such possibility of harm when our dogs roll on their toys.

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