15 Sounds That Annoy Dogs

Do you ever wonder if you are making your dog angry or annoying it? Dogs are big drooling balls of fur, but like humans, they have some things that annoy them. Humans can make noises that get on our canine friends’ nerves. There are a few sounds that annoy dogs, and we will discuss them in this article.

What are Noise Phobias in Dogs?

Sounds That Annoy Dogs

Noise phobias in dogs can be very distressing for the animal and its owner. Noise phobias in dogs can cause anxiety. It can cause your dog to chatter his teeth, which may lead to destructive behavior if left untreated.

Some dog irritating sounds are as follows.

1. Doorbells

Doorbells are one of the most common sounds that annoy dogs. The sound of a doorbell ringing triggers primal instincts in your dog to get up and investigate.

It takes them out of their safe space and puts them into an environment where they don’t know how to behave. A quick fix is to avoid using the doorbell when your dog is present or giving it a heads-up with a treat before someone arrives.

2. Noise from Balloon Popping and Toys

Balloon-popping sounds are some noises that annoy dogs because it reminds them of the noise of fireworks when they explode in the air. Similarly, toys that make noise when moved around might be too much for your dog if they are sensitive to loud sounds.

3. Toilet Flushing

Dogs are not born with a dislike of the sound of toilets flushing. Some dogs may even find it soothing. But for most dogs, flushing is akin to having a loud alarm clock go off right next to their heads.

It’s not just the most annoying sound for dogs, but also the pitch and frequency range of the sound that drives many canines crazy. The pitch of toilet flushing sounds similar to that of cats in heat, so it’s no wonder dogs react so strongly to it.

4. Loud Music

Dogs are naturally more sensitive to loud noises than humans, and the frequency of sounds to trigger dogs can be exceptionally high. It is why loud music can be so irritating to dogs.

Additionally, there may be some high-frequency sounds you cannot hear that your dog picks up. Think of the sound of a microphone screech, and now imagine it happening continuously.

Loud music can cause stress and anxiety in your dog, which can result in barking, whining, and other behaviors you don’t want your dog exhibiting.

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loud music can annoy dogs

5. Smoke and Burglar Alarms

Alarms are loud, jarring noises that can be difficult for anyone to ignore. These noises are even more stressful for dogs because they trigger a fear response.

Dogs are annoyed by alarm sounds because they are used to hearing them as warning signals. They don’t understand that it will all be fine after the alarm stops sounding. Also, some alarms sound like other dogs crying or in pain, which is distressing.

6. Babies Crying

Babies crying are one of the noises that dogs don’t love. It can be challenging for dogs who are used to being quiet in their homes to deal with the sudden burst of loud sound. If you have an infant, you must be careful about how much time your dog spends around them.

Consider having someone else look after the dog while you are outside or when friends with babies come over.

If you are worried about your dog’s reaction, try leaving him in another room or outside while holding the baby so he doesn’t hear crying and get upset by it.

7. Cars Honking

Dogs do not like the sound of a car horn. It is loud and sudden, which can be startling to dogs. The noise can also be upsetting if it is near your sleeping dog.

If your dog is afraid of a car horn, you can teach them to associate it with something pleasant. For example, you could use a clicker to mark when the car horn honking occurs. Then reward your dog with treats or affection after each positive association.

Doing this will help them associate the sound with good things instead of fear. It will also help to calm your excited dog in the car.

Noises Dogs Hate The Most

8. Vacuum Cleaner Sound

The sound of a vacuum cleaner can be very annoying to dogs, mainly if they are not used to it. This sound bothers them because they find it irritating and unpleasant and it often scares them.

This sound is similar to the howling of wolves, which dogs have been scared of since ancient times. A dog’s hearing is more empathetic than a human’s. So, it will amplify the sound. Similar droning noises are the reason why flying is stressful for dogs.

It can be incredibly annoying if your dog is trying to sleep or relax in a quiet room, and you decide to turn on your vacuum cleaner. Keeping dogs out of range when using this appliance is essential.

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9. Sirens

Siren is a significant sound that dog hates the most. Car alarms, fire engines, or other loud, repetitive sounds can cause panic. The sound may be annoying to humans, but it’s terrifying for our canine companions.

If you have a dog frightened by sirens, play some white noise to drown them out and help to calm your pet. Sirens warn people about emergencies such as fires, floods, accidents, and other dangerous situations.

If your neighborhood has nightly siren noises that are unfamiliar to your dog, it can cause anxiety and make the dog panting at night. So, when you hear a siren, make sure that you get your dog out of the way.

10. Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning can be startling for dogs, who are more sensitive to noise than humans. The combination of loud noises and bright flashes can be terrifying for dogs. Often, your pet looks for comfort, and your dog can sleep between your legs during a thunderstorm.

Dogs also tend to be more anxious when they hear thunder, which makes them more likely to bark or howl. You may notice your dog burying his head in you when thunderstorm noises scare him. Thus, make sure your dog has a safe place to go when they hear the storm coming.

Sounds That Annoy Dogs

11. Fireworks and Loud Explosions

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), fireworks and other loud explosions are at the top of their list of sounds that annoy dogs.

They say it’s not just the noise that makes them uncomfortable—it’s also the unpredictability of when it will happen. It can cause anxiety in pets and lead them to act out in ways that are not normal.

Owners must keep their pets calm before the sky lights up. You can help your dog by giving it plenty of exercise before the celebration begins. Tired dogs are less likely to suffer from anxiety when they hear fireworks.

12. A Stranger’s Voice

A dog is more likely to be scared of a stranger’s voice than familiar people’s. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid this sound in everyday life—especially if you live in a city. Noise from other passengers can also bother a dog on a long flight.

The best thing to do is to teach your dog how to respond when they hear someone’s voice. Some strangers may talk to your dog in a high-pitched or a low tone. It is best to warn them to speak in a regular tone, as it helps dogs feel calm and relaxed.

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13. A Cat Meowing

If you’ve ever heard your dog whine when they hear a cat meowing, you know how annoying it can be. A cat’s voice is similar to a baby crying and irritates humans, and it is one of the most common sounds that make dogs bark.

Because dogs are social animals, they respond to the sounds that other animals make. So, hearing a sound like a baby crying or someone screaming in pain will trigger their protective instincts and make them want to help.

Additionally, dogs and cats don’t usually get along. Even if your dog recognizes the cat’s voice, it may still consider the cat an intruder.

14. Microwave Oven Beeping

The beep of a microwave oven is a ubiquitous sound that many people usually ignore, but dogs are much less likely to do so. You may see your dog climbs on your shoulders when it is scared by the sounds. A microwave oven’s beep is similar to the sound most dogs make when in pain.

Dogs cannot distinguish between similar noises, so whenever they hear a microwave beep, it can trigger them to bark or howl. So if you want your dog to stop barking so much, try turning off any devices like microwaves or alarm clocks that make noises similar enough to those made by dogs.

15. Construction Sounds

Construction sounds are a big NO for dogs. Construction projects involve different noises that scare dogs. Banging, drilling, jackhammering, and other loud noises can create fear in dogs.

If your dog is afraid of these sounds, it’s best to keep them away from the construction site as much as possible. Consider investing in ear protection for your pup to protect it from irritating sounds.


Dogs are loyal, loving animals that provide unconditional adoration and affection. They are the perfect companion for humans of all ages. But there are specific sounds that annoy dogs, as mentioned above. So, understand its responses and help it find a safe place.

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