Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs? A Well Documented Guide

Having a pet not only brings tons of joy but a whole lot of responsibilities too. You will have great times with your pet dog for sure. But certain behavior of your doggo can surprise you all of a sudden.

As a dog owner, you might experience your dog sleeping in between your legs and you are wondering why does my dog sleep between my legs? This is a pretty common trait of any dog and you don’t need to worry once you know the actual reason.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs

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Let’s find out the reasons why does my dog sleep between my legs and how to solve this problem with your fluffy dog.

Why Does My Dog Sleep in between My Legs?

When you notice a new behavior in your dog, you will surely try to dig out the real reason behind it. If you are unaware of why does my dog sleep in between my legs or why does my dog sleep on my legs, then keep on reading!

There are several reasons why your does your dog like to sleep between your legs. Dogs often adopt physical gestures to convey their thoughts and feelings. Sleeping between your legs is just another way for your pup to tell you something that he is going through.

Your dog finds you comforting and hence he likes to sleep between your legs. Apart from giving him comfort and security, whenever your dog goes through an emotional instability or fear of anything, he will sleep in between your legs.

Even your dog can climb your head out of fear. As a pet owner, you shouldn’t ignore your pup’s this kind of behavior.

Also, your dog can choose to sleep between your legs when he is feeling lonely or you haven’t been giving him enough attention lately. Another common reason why does my dog like to sleep between my legs is that he is showing his love and affection for you.

Dogs are faithful creatures, we all know. And they can go to lengths to show their loyalty to their masters. Sleeping between your legs can be a sign of giving protection to you too.

So, as you can see, your dog might be trying to tell many different things through a particular gesture. However, when you know why does my dog want to sleep between my legs, getting a solution for this would be super easy and quick.

What Does It Mean When a Dog Sleeps Between Your Legs?

When your dog sleeps between your legs, it can have various meanings. Even if you are confused and don’t know why does my dog like to sleep under the covers between my legs or why does my dog sleep on my legs, you have to figure out what they are trying to say through their gesture.

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1. Your dog feels safe with you

Dogs are sensitive creatures and if they come across anything that they dislike or are afraid of, they will try to find a safe space. And who better than their master? You’re the one whom he can trust completely and knows that you will protect him.

Dogs can get scared by loud sounds of firecrackers, trucks, or thundering. Also, if they see an unfamiliar guest at your place or an uncanny smell, they will get closer to you just for security.

So if you’re wondering what does it mean if a dog sleeps by your feet, then your dog is scared and looking for a safe place which only you can provide.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs

2. Your dog loves you

Don’t we show our love and affection to our near and dear ones? Similarly, your doggo shows his unconditional love for you by sleeping with you. You’re the closest to him and he sees how much you value him.

This is his way of giving back the love to you that he gets all the time. Now you may ask, why does my dog lay in between my legs at night? Well, physical communication makes the bond even stronger.

Sleeping in between in your legs makes him feel cozy and he gets the warmth of your body. He cuddles with you and you would also notice that he licks your legs to show his love.

3. You are his comforter

No, you’re not just his master, but his source of comfort. He knows you get him whatever he wants. You take him for walks, you treat him with rewards. You give him the much-needed comfort and warmth.

He sleeps in between your legs to relax after playing or running. Also, you would observe this behavior in him more often during the winter season. They need human body contact to keep themselves warm in the cold. And sleeping between your legs is the easy and quick way for them to get it.

4. Your dog is looking for support

Dogs need emotional support too and they can only get it through physical communication. If your dog is suffering from an illness or just recovered from a severe disease like heartworm, they’re still in pain. Hence they need the human touch to calm them down.

Apart from that, if he feels anxious or if he knows that you’re leaving for a trip soon, you would see this behavior in him. When he knows he will be alone, he starts to feel nervous and lonely and that’s when he prefers to sleep between your legs.

5. Your dog thinks of you as a part of the pack

Look up pictures of puppies on the internet and you would find how they all like to sleep together. This is their natural instinct.

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So, when they’re separated from their pack, you’re the only one near him. Sleeping between your legs gives him a sense of belonging and makes him feel that he is still a part of his pack. You will see that your dog buries his head into you which is also a pack trait.

Is It a Bad Thing for My Dog to Sleep between My Legs?

Generally, it is not a bad thing for your dog to sleep between your legs. If you look at the above reasons why does my dog sleep between my legs, most of them are positive ones? They are either showing their love for you or trying to protect you.

However, it can be a matter of concern if you see your dog feeling lonely or being anxious at night. Anxiety can even lead to depression for your dogs. So, as a dog parent, you must be careful and watch his movements cautiously.

If he has gone through separation anxiety or a serious leg injury in the past, he might be in trauma even now. And that’s why he is laying on your legs or sleeping between your legs. In this case, you should visit a vet to get him cured at the earliest.

Also, if your dog is a huge one, you should be a bit careful, as it can hurt you unintentionally.

dog loves to sleep between my legs

How to Stop Your Dog from Sleeping Between Your Legs?

Even though you don’t need to worry about this behavior of your fluffy buddy, you might want to keep control over this. Here are some tips that you can adopt to stop your dog from sleeping between your legs.

1. Train him

Your dog must know where to sleep. Train him to sleep in a particular area that is only for him. Every time he comes to sleep between your legs, direct him to his own place. Get him a comfy, soft bed and spread out some toys in front of it, so that he is easily diverted.

2. Spend time with him

If he is doing it out of separation anxiety, then you need to assure him that you’re not leaving him. So spend as much time as possible with him. Be around with him, give him back rubs, cuddle with him to give your physical touch, and calm your dog.

3. Go to another place

Whenever you see him approaching you, get up and go somewhere else. Start moving around so that he does not get a chance to sit or sleep. Gradually, you will be able to get rid of this habit of your dog.

4. Distract him

Take him for walks or play with him in the garden. You can also take him to a nearby dog park. He will meet with other dogs and his attention will be diverted.

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Dos and Don’ts if Your Dog Sleeps in between Your Legs?

Let’s check out what are dos and don’ts are when your dog sleeps between your legs.


  • Give him the support he is looking for. Cuddle with him, assure him of your presence and love.
  • Show him your love. When he is doing to show his love for you, you must reciprocate too. Pat his back and sit there quietly.
  • Take him for a checkup. When your dog is going through any illness mental or physical, you should take him to the vet.
  • Move his attention towards something else. It can be a toy, or you can just open the door of the lawn so that he goes out and runs.
  • Provide him with a comfortable bed. If you want this behavior to stop slowly, you must get him a good bed which he will find more attractive than your legs.
  • Change your position or move to a different room if you find it uncomfortable.


  • Do not encourage this behavior. It’s fine to cuddle with him once or twice when he is sleeping on your legs. But don’t let that happen every day.
  • Don’t let your dog enter your bedroom. Keep the door closed not only during the night but also at other times. This will give him a signal that he is not allowed in that room.
  • Do not treat him with a reward to divert his attention. Giving him treats would mean increasing this behavior as he will sleep to get treats from you.
  • Do not ignore his anxiety. If you want your dog to change this habit quickly, then pay more attention to him to curb his anxiety.

Stop worrying about your dog and follow these simple steps to stop your dog from sleeping between your legs. Let your dog take away all your worry and give you only joy.

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1. Should I pet my dog while sleeping?

Ans– You can pet him when he is trying to sleep. But do not disturb his sleep by constantly petting him the entire time he is sleeping.

2. Why does my dog sleep between me and my boyfriend?

Ans–  Your dog is only looking for attention and hence he sleeps between you and your boyfriend. They want your love fully and when they don’t get it, they try to seek your attention like this.

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