When to Move The Puppy Crate Out of The Bedroom?

“When can I move the puppy crate out of the bedroom?” Or, “How to crate train a puppy?” 

These questions are often asked by all new pet parents. And, I know how hard it is for you or your puppy to sleep together when you both have no idea about each other. After months of trial and error, you understand each other’s habits and with pride, you own the pet ownership. 

When to Move The Puppy Crate Out of The Bedroom?

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But did you know that most of the rescue organizations take puppies away from their mothers at eight weeks of their birth? The puppies are deprived of natural love from their mothers. Therefore, it is natural for your puppy to feel lost, or to bond with you. 

Dog crate in the bedroom or living room can be difficult, I know it, and I’ve been through it too. 

But with little planning, attentiveness, and guidance from an experienced expert, you can figure out how long a puppy should sleep in your room or how long he should crate in your room.

However, the most convenient solution to take care of your puppy is to crate them in your bedrooms for the first few weeks. This will make him comfortable and more secure compared to keeping him in the next room alone. This will also help you to bond with your dog which is important in the long run. 

How to get a puppy to sleep through the night at a new place? 

Do you brush your teeth before sleeping? Or, take a bath before hitting the bed, or I believe there is something you do every day before going to bed at night. Then what do you do with your puppy? How do you prepare him for sleep? 

It’s very common for your puppy to whine or shout at night for a potty break. It is then you think to move the puppy crate out of the bedroom. But do you realize that you have to put your dog into a routine? 

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You should make him exercise for a few hours before hitting the bed; it will make him tired and sleep peacefully at night. Playing games like hide-and-seek inside your room or calling him by his name or loving him will help you to bond better and sleep better at night. 

moving dog crate out of bedroom

When can I move the puppy crate out of the bedroom? Thoughts of puppy and dog owner: 

Every dog is different and if you are wondering“when to move the dog crate out of the bedroom” then the accurate answer is not before 4 months

The first few nights at home may be difficult for both you and your puppy. 

There are several schools of thought on when to move a puppy crate out of the bedroom and two different perspectives. So, here I will explain both your dog and your perspective. 

The Puppy:

After the puppy is welcomed into your house, it’s obvious that it will take time to settle in. He is away from his mother, his dog friends, and his siblings. During the dark hours, he will definitely miss his dog family and it’s normal for him to feel terrible and cry at night out of anxiety. You will also notice that sometimes your puppy cries when they are picked up, but in this case, the reason may be different.

Hence, his first night can be a little messier and you should keep your puppy crate in the bedroom. Try to keep the environment as quiet as you can so that it’s peaceful for your puppy to explore the new family he is in.  

The Puppy Owner: 

I’m sorry but your first night with your puppy won’t be as sweet as you thought. It won’t be fun because you won’t be able to sleep with the new puppy. At night, if he whines it’s advisable to take him out to a relieving area (on-leash). 

Keep him inside the crate and please avoid bringing him to your bed with you. You don’t want to raise his hopes and then put him inside a crate later. Your motive is to create a long-lasting relationship and trust. Try to provide him a stress-free night and slowly build a bond. 

I would suggest you get a crate compared to a kennel because the crate is small and is more comfortable for a puppy. Therefore, buy the best puppy crate bed and place it as close to your bed which is near to you. Your warmth and sound will make him feel close to you. 

When to Move The Puppy Crate Out of The Bedroom?

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When to move the puppy crate out of the bedroom?

There is no calendar to your question. You have to watch out for your pup and understand his behavior and act accordingly. For some dog owners, it might take one month or one year, or 18 months, or more. 

What you can start doing is, after one month, start moving the crate to different places and see how he reacts. First, keep him at the corner of the room then at the side of the door, then outside the door keeping the door open. Take time and understand his behavior. 

 Slowly move him to his room and see how comfortable he is in the new location. And, if he is happy then boom! You just cleared stage 1 of making him comfortable. Your puppy will love the new spot now you can make him happy. 

If your puppy has been accidentally overfed and is feeling uncomfortable, it may be necessary to move their crate out of the bedroom. This will provide them with a separate, quiet space to rest and digest their food in peace. By removing their crate from the bedroom, you can also help prevent any accidents from occurring in the sleeping area.

Moving the puppy crate out of the bedroom can be a simple solution to help your furry friend feel more at ease.

Should my dog sleep in a crate in my room?

Yes, it’s the best idea to crate your dog inside your room for the first 4 months. Towards the end of the month, he will be familiar with your sound and smell, and you can move the puppy crate out of the bedroom. As he develops security, you can gradually transition the puppy crate to a different room.

However, be attentive to your dog’s behavior, as sometimes unexpected situations arise. For instance, the dog barks in the crate at night all of a sudden. In such cases, you might find it necessary to extend his stay in the bedroom to ensure his comfort and well-being.

When to put the puppy in a crate which will not ruin crate training?

Crate training is important to develop a healthy relationship between the crate and the puppy. It is his personal space and if the crate is near to you it will help you to develop a close bond. 

Even if you are wondering if you can move a dog crate from room to room then the answer is yes, you can do it without affecting the actual crate training. Once you successfully create your puppy in its space, it won’t ruin his or her crate training and you can slowly move him away from your bedroom. 

puppy loves to play

Tips to make the puppy comfortable at night:

You’ve got the sweet little puppy at your house; now it’s time for you to take care and learn a few fantastic things. It might be heartbreaking but your pup’s first month won’t be very warm. Therefore, here are a few tips for all dog owners which will help you to ensure that your pup feels comfortable and sleeps properly at night. 

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Potty breaks:

Every night take your furry friend out for a potty break before hitting the bed. Take him out to his toilet spot and don’t chatter too much. Don’t give him false hope by making him understand that it’s playtime rather be quiet and let him do his job. 

Crate train your puppy:

Training is important to start something new and this is no different. You’ve to do a little research and study magazines to build a strong relationship and train him safely. If you can crate train your dog properly then his cries can turn into snoring. 

Keep it simple:

Your pup needs a good quality crate to sleep at night. You don’t have to buy him expensive toys. Dogs behave differently and you should know how to calm your dog when he is in distress.

The transition of a puppy from crate to bed:

If you crate train your dog properly then you don’t have to worry about the dog’s objection or dog whining at night. But you have to remember that once you take your pup out of the bedroom don’t bring him back. 

Comfort your dog at the new spot to motivate and adapt to the new change. Follow these steps to make the best crate placement – 

  • Keep the dog’s crate in the place where it gets direct sunlight
  • Keep the dog’s crate at a peaceful place and should be away from noise and honking
  • Keep him close so that he can see you in the middle of the night if he is awake. 

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FAQ on Moving The Puppy Crate Out of The Bedroom

1. When is the puppy ready to sleep out of the crate?

A: Every dog is different, normally most of the puppy ready to sleep out of the crate somewhere between 6 and 18 months. Puppy bites when excited and you have to know their patterns to guide them properly. 

2. Where to keep a puppy crate at night?

A: Place the dog’s crate in the corner of your room which receives sunlight and is away from the city hustle. You can also play classical music at night to create a soothing environment. 

3. Should I move the sleeping puppy to the crate?

A: Yes, you should move your sleeping puppy to the crate. This will make him comfortable and will also make him familiar with the place. 

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