12 Reasons Why Your Dog Cries When Picked Up And What To Do

Does your dog cry when you pick it up? You may think it’s normal. But many reasons are lying behind this. When a dog cries when it is picked up it means your dog is going through some serious health or mental issues which need to be taken care of.

We’ve researched a lot on the internet and asked many veterinarians about this fact and whatever the facts and probable causes of this thing we have got as of now we will talk about those in this article.

why your dog cries when picked up?

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A common reason dogs cry when it’s picked up is their inner injury. Although there are many other reasons behind this issue. In this article, we’re going to discuss other reasons behind this weird behavior of your dogs.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Cry when Picked Up?

Internal Injuries:

Yes, internal injuries are one of the main reasons your dog cries for. We faced this issue a few months back when we went hiking in Oahu with our dog. Out of the blue, our dog started crying when we were about to come back from that trip. Not only crying but our dog started doing weird behaviors.

We couldn’t find any reason by its outer look as our dog didn’t have any scratches on its skin. But whenever we tried to hold it from its underarm it started crying. After a medical check-up by a veterinarian, we found it got hurt during that hiking trip in Oahu.

After taking some medication our furry pal became happy. So we were happy too. If you see your dog screaming when it’s picked up, do not ignore this. Sometimes you might not see the inner injuries. So try to reach your nearest veterinarian first for your dog’s health.

Out of Fear:

Dogs are like babies. By nature they are brave but it gets scared like a baby sometimes. You may have noticed your dog growls at the wall at some point. Or cries unnecessarily, it is only because your dog may be scared by something and out of fear, your dog starts crying or growling at nothing.

If you find your dog is crying out of nowhere it means it is scared of something. Try to make it comfortable. Take it for a walk or take it out from the place. If you overlook this behavior it might happen again and again with your dog. So try to rule out the reason in the beginning.

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Picked Up in The Wrong Way:

Dogs do cry when it’s in pain. We sometimes carelessly pick up our dogs and hurt their organs and lymph and dogs start crying. We can’t understand even the reason. Right? It not only happens with you but it happens with us.

After coming back from the office we literally jump over our puppies to adore him but eventually, we ended up hurting them. You must be careful when you try to adore them.

So this might be a cause when you recklessly try to pick your dog up they start crying. So how to calm down your dog? It’s easy. By the next time, you are about to jump on your dogs, be careful to make sure you don’t hurt your pal.


If your dog is in a good mood if it’s happy or maybe excited about something it starts crying when you picked them up. It’s a very common behavior of dogs when they see their owners after a long time. In this case, you will see some noticeable behaviors such as wagging tails, showing its tongue out, or having wide-open eyes.

When your dog is crying but has these symptoms you can easily understand it’s crying out of joy or excitement. So don’t worry about it. It might stop crying after a while.

Out of Surprise:

Maybe you have seen that when you pick up your babies all of a sudden, out of joy or surprise your children start crying. This happens because they are not prepared for the surprise. The same thing goes with your dogs too. When you pick them up all of a sudden they may start crying out of surprise too.

Joint Problem:

As a dog owner, you may have seen your dog start yelping when it is touched. And you may have the question in mind, why does my dog cry when I pick him up? Right? So did we. We also wonder about the answer to this question when our Golden Retriever starts crying. At that time our dog was only 9 years old.

We couldn’t understand the cause behind it. So we take our furry pal to the nearest veterinarian. After checking our dog’s health, the doctor said, as our pal is getting older it may have this pain because it has a low amount of joint lubricants.

Spinal Pain:

You may have seen your dog crying when it’s picked up by holding it under the chest. Why does this happen? You may think it’s because of joint pain or a simple muscle cramp. But there might be another reason for this.

Now the question you might have why does my dog go through spinal pain? Right? Okay, the answer is simple, most of the time your dogs sit on the back legs and the remaining two legs work as supportive ones. When the supportive legs become injured they cannot sit properly, as a result, these four-legged pals go through disc displacement.

For your information we would say, don’t ignore this pain. Any pain related to the spinal cord of your dog may lead to a severe issue in the future. It’s always better to diagnose this with your veterinarian as early as possible. 

dog cries when picked up


We often see this question on the internet people saying their puppies cry whenever they pick their puppies up! And among all these mentioned points these are the vital points that we always overlook. If at any point in life your pal goes through surgery then probably from that point your dog feels the pain. Getting a recovery from an outer surgery doesn’t take a lot of time but if your dog goes through internal surgery then it takes time.

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Muscle Cramps:

Muscle Cramps are one of the main reasons for the pain in your dog. We saw our dog squeals out of pain when we tried to pick them up. Dogs are agile. So it keeps playing around without any pause. If your dog continuously plays around all the time there is a possibility that it might go through difficult muscle cramps.

We would suggest trying to calm your dog down. It is easy to stop your dog from doing anything with appropriate training. Let your dog allow some rest for a while.

If you see after taking a rest your dog still whimpers in pain then consult a veterinarian immediately.

Breathing Difficulties:

This particular issue arises in summer. Due to high heat, animals go through breathing difficulties. So does your dog! If it goes through breathing difficulties it might start crying out of uncomfortableness when you picked it up.

Infections in The Eyes:

Your dog might get affected by viruses thus making its eyes red and watery discharges come from its eyes. This condition can be seen in the winter season. So keep extra care of your four-legged pal in winter.


Your dog might start crying after shots. Most of the small puppies cry after vaccination because vaccination brings mild fever. And the pain remains at the spot of vaccination. Whenever you touch the spot of your dog it may start crying. So look after your dog for 4 to 5 days after its vaccination.


If you notice properly you will see sometimes your dog barks at nothing. And this happens due to hunger. Out of hunger your dog might start crying when you picked it up. So always keep an eye on whether your dog is fed on time or not.

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Consult with a Veterinarian:

If your dog cries when you pick him up and you’re not sure about the cause behind this unwanted behavior, then it is better to consult with your Vet. Anything can happen with your dog from the inside so you must take him to diagnose the cause as early as possible and take appropriate precautions.

Don’t Hurt Your Dog:

As we have mentioned earlier that in excitement we hold or pick out dogs carelessly and hurt them unintentionally. Be careful with your dog, especially if it is a puppy or small in size. Be extra careful if your dog has gone through injuries or surgeries in the past time.

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Be Gentle:

Researches show that your behavior may be the cause of your dog’s squealing. The interaction between the pet and the owner must be gentle. They have more sense than humans. They cannot speak it doesn’t mean they don’t feel bad. So try to be humble when your pal is around you.

Train Your Dog:

One of the effective and proven ways to calm down your dog is to train it with every situation. Once you start training your dog how to behave, it will become more calm and cool.

Dog training helped us a lot with our puppy. After the proper training, our dog has gotten rid of its biting habits. Previously it used to bite us without any reason. Now it has become calm and gentle.

Keep Its Toys Around:

A dog’s behavior is almost as similar to a baby’s. When your children do not find their belonging in the place they start crying. Likewise, your dog also feels the same. It happens with us. Every time I keep aside my dog’s toys, it tries to bury his head into me to get our attention. So do not make your dog sad. Keep its toys and belongings in place.


If you notice properly you will see sometimes your dog barks all of a sudden. This happens due to hunger. Out of hunger your dog might start crying when you picked it up. So always keep an eye on whether your dog is fed on time or not.

What should you do if your dog cries when picked up?

When dogs are young they whim a lot without any reason but if this happens frequently then there must be a problem. If your dog cries when it’s picked up it is as normal as biting its tail. So you do not need to worry about it. But if it continues to yelping or squeal regularly then you might take it to the vet for a primary check-up.

What not to do when your dog cried when picked up?

If you have a small puppy then the first and foremost important thing we would like to tell you is not to squeeze your puppy. Be gentle as your little pups are still in fragile condition. We often forget these minor things to keep in mind. Another thing is not to be strict with your dog all the time. Be gentle and humble with your doggo.

We would say if you see your dog crying when you pick it up never take it as a simple condition. Yelping or growling is normal once or twice but if it happens repeatedly then it is high time to diagnose the reason or consult with a veterinarian about the issue. Discuss all the things in detail with your veterinarian so that your vet can give your dog the right treatment.

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