8 Reasons Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood (What Can You Do?)

Eew! How can my dog like period blood?” It’s so gross! 

But, what can I do? Dogs like period blood. Indeed.

Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood

Let me tell you a story. 

One day I was sitting with my friend Rumi having tea in our dining room and talking about so many things. It was so much fun!

For a long Benji did not come to the room, so I shouted his name twice. 

And, Rumi is a big animal lover. She said she will have a look and was about to get up to say hello to Benji.

Benji came running and started sniffing her crotch. He was burying his head in her lap. That was so disgusting when your dog does to your friend. 

But we laughed it out and even she did not pay attention. That is what friends are, they make you ease in a difficult situation.

Until I found out that Benji was sniffing and licking the bloodstain on her skirts.

Yes, this thing happened. Later we washed it and she wore my pants and went back to her home.

So, yes, your dog like period blood.

In this article, you will get an answer to: 

Why does my dog sniff me when I’m on my period?

Why is my dog attracted to my period blood?

Why do dogs like period blood?

Is it bad for dogs to lick period blood? 

And many more…

Let’s begin.

What if My Dog Licks My Blood?

If your dog licks your period blood, he won’t get a disease or affect his health. Your period blood is not dangerous or harmful to him. 

In a word, licking period blood is not concerned for your dog’s health. Though it sounds disgusting, it’s true and natural. 

Dogs like to sniff your period blood. However, if he starts eating your menstrual products like the pad, tampons, menstrual cups, or period cloth, that is concerning. 

Dogs getting into garbage and eating tampons and pads are quite a popular sight but this is very dangerous. Moreover, dog size plays an important role.

These products once come in contact with water they expand and can block the dog’s stomach and intestine. 

Surgery is the only way to save him. However, if your dog’s size is big then there is a 40% chance it will pass out naturally otherwise run to the doctor.

Please note that, your dog might not want to eat after surgery. You should know what to do in such cases.

Why do Dogs like Period Blood?

1. The smell is unusual and different

A Dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times better than a human’s. The chemical aroma of fresh period blood is different and this is the reason why dogs like bloody pads.

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If you do not know, let me tell you that dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose. They devote a lot of energy to interpreting the types of smells.

Fresh hygiene pads smell differently, whereas used one smells more pungent. No matter, how sickening it is for us, they simply like it.

Moreover, when you are on your period you smell differently, and your dog’s strong receptors can detect the odors. He becomes curious and wants to find out by sniffing.

The smell is very new to them, they do not smell that every day and you cannot deny how curious they can be! 

Once they find the used bloody pad they try to snip, smell, and taste it. The scent is the reason why your dogs also sniff your crotch. 

2. Dogs by birth love the smell of blood – They are scavengers

One of the pretty reasons why dogs like period blood is that they share a common ancestry with wolves. 

However, with time, domestication, and evolution their scavenger attitude has turned to more calming behavior but it’s still there. They cannot change their roots. 

Also, do not forget that dogs are omnivorous animals. They love meat, as well as plant-based products. Moreover, blood is the by-product of meat.

Your period blood smells like food, protein, and rotten meat to them. They cannot do anything but rather taste it. 

There are many incidents where dogs have eaten and used bloody pads and used tampons. This is not good. It can choke them, or block their intestine.

Dogs like decaying stinking smells. You will find them sniffing the toilet seats, sweat t-shirts, used pants, and also used condoms. Yikes! Yeah, I know. 

3. Your pooch is missing you and desperately needs your presence

You come back home after a long day in the office and find your closet haywire. You thought a thief might be here but later got to know it was your dog. 

Yes, they go crazy when they miss you. They try to find the things which carry your smells. They seek a familiar smell.  

That’s the reason your dog loves to sniff your laundry bag because it contains all your used unwashed clothes. Dogs love your smelly stinky kinds of stuff.

When you are on your period they tend to go to the bathroom to sniff your period blood. A lot stinky, I know but yes, they do all these things. 

Tell me, have you seen your dog greeting another dog by sniffing butts? The reason is sensing smell is their strong feature. 

Therefore, the dog finds your disgusting trash as his treasure trove to explore and enjoy your true fragrance. 

4. Are you sure, they are smelling you or smelling pheromones

The female body has apocrine glands that are concentrated in the anal and genital regions which produce a chemical known as pheromones.

Once you are on your period your body naturally releases pheromones in high concentration, which dogs can easily detect with their world-famous sense of smell.

That is simply because male dogs like period blood smell which intrigues him. Also, pheromones release when you’re having sex or had a baby. 

But, why do dogs like period blood so much? What’s special about that? 

Because female dog releases pheromones, when they smell in the air they get turned on. They want to mate. You will see him humping too. 

Therefore when a female dog is in heat, you should keep away from a male dog. The smell attracts the male dog. They are indeed curious animals. 

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Relax! Your male dog is not sexually attracted to you. He is just attracted to the smell that reminds him of “her”. 

5. You never taught him to “Stop” or “Go”

“Why do dogs like the smell of period blood?” you embarrassingly might have asked your friend. 

“My dog never does these kinds of stuff”, she replied. This is because you never trained him. I am not saying you have encouraged his behavior. 

I will explain with an example. You have a child whose name is Soniya. If Soniya does anything wrong what will you do? Shout at her and ask her to “Stop” doing it. 

Soniya knows you are angry and wants her not to repeat it. In this case, if you have trained your dog from the initial days, he would know you want him to “stop”. 

He won’t shove his head on your crotch, sniff period blood, hump your leg, or eat the bloody pad or tampons. You should show him “what are his boundaries and rules”.

Let them smell it from a distance; you have to teach them how to behave and “stop” sniffing your crotch. 

Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood

6. He has learned from some other dogs

This is quite similar to the above point but yet another dominant reason why dogs like period blood. Dogs are like a human! He adopted from other dogs.

If he has seen another dog eating bloody pads, or licking blood, then it is a high possibility he will copy his friend’s style. 

That’s why you should be careful who his friends are! Friends can change your behavior. Also, remember, to use the reinforcement method from the beginning.

Remember, your mother always said to choose your friends wisely. This was the reason; you pick up behavior from others; same as dogs.

7. Your dog is having a serious eating disorder

Yes, his poor health can be a major reason why he is eating non-food items like tampons, pads, garbage, rocks, grass, and soil. 

As per Benji’s vet, pancreatic disorder, diabetes, or the effect of any medication is the common reasons why dogs eat food that is scented like garbage.

Additionally, why do dogs lick period blood stains? He licks because he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.

Mostly Pica in dogs is capable of obsessing on a focused behavior displaying which is inappropriate. They get compulsive ingestion to eat clothes, plastic, and more.

Also, boredom and anxiety can be another reason for his behavior. You should take him to the vet and better examine his health. 

8. What “breed” of dog have you got?

Yes, another reason why your dogs like period blood is which breed, and race is he. Certain breeds are more furious whereas others are calm and polite.

Similarly, some breeds are more prone to hunting and smell of blood whereas others are not even scent driven.

Breeds like 

  • Golden Retriever, 
  • Springer Spaniel, 
  • Pointer, 
  • Beagle, 
  • Coon Hound, 
  • Springer Spaniel, 
  • Labrador Retriever 
  • Bloodhound, 
  • Basset Hound, 
  • German Shepard 

Are very furious and have a keen interest in smelling blood strains.

Dog behavior is not an outcome of one reason. He is influenced by many. To understand him you have to spend time and teach him better. 

Tips to Stop: Are dogs attracted to menstrual blood

I know how embarrassing it can be to see your dog sniffing your period blood. If you want to stop him from doing this then I have some tips for you. 

The way you can stop him is by cutting his source to obtain it. Let’s know more. 

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Tip 1: Keep the bathroom door closed

If you see a dog running to the bathroom to dig your trash, just close it. Stop allowing him to go to the bathroom. 

Keeping the door closed while you are on your period can also help in blocking the smell coming out of the room. 

In simple terms, the door acts as a barrier for the dog to explore the smell where it’s very strong – the bathroom. 

Tip 2: Clean the dustbin every day after each use

I agree sometimes closing the bathroom door every time is not possible. You are not always staying home alone, there are other members too.

So, the other alternative is throwing your used menstrual products outside your house after every use. First, place them in sealed trash and throw them outside. 

Especially when you are on your period try to follow it. Please remember the outside dustbin should not smell like rotten meat. Keep the outer environment clean too. 

Tip 3: Teach reinforcement behavior as early as possible

At an early stage teach your dog about boundaries and commands! Words like “No”, “Leave”, “Stop”, “Go”, and “Come” are some of these commands.

Once you say “No”, or “Stop”, your dog should know that you are not appreciating his behavior and he should stop doing that.

Positive reinforcement will keep the dog motivated and he will learn the behavior soon. Therefore, once you see the sniffing period blood pad, you know what to do.

Tip 4: Spray dog repellent around the room and trash bin 

Also, keeping your bathroom clean is a way to keep him away from the trash bin. Use some dog repellent, or use a trash bin with a lid. 

These things prevent the smell from being very dominant. 

These are the ways you can prevent dogs from nearing menstrual waste.

What Are The Warning Signs Your Dog is Crying for Help? Dogs Licking Period Blood

A dog licking period blood is not threatening, but if he has consumed the products it’s dangerous. You have to run to his vet as soon as possible.

Your dog’s size, age, and breeds play role in determining the solution. Normally, a dog shows symptoms like

  • Vomiting
  • Dehydrated
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Abnormal pain
  • Panting
  • A reduced appetite
  • Bloating

Under such a situation, you have to be careful and handle the situation firmly. I would suggest following certain steps – 

  • Make sure your dog is conscious
  • Check his mouth if any product is still there. Use the “Leave” command to drop the item 
  • Run to vet as a matter of urgency
  • Try to induce vomiting. 


Remember, the period smell is irresistible to dogs.

I hope now you know why dogs like period blood. Moreover, male dogs are more attracted to the smell compared to female dogs. 

Also, if your dog belongs to a hunting breed he will always try to sniff your crochet. However, by training, you can teach him to stop licking period blood. 

FAQ : Dogs Like Period Blood

1. Is human period blood bad for dogs?

A: No, human period blood is not bad for dogs. Your period blood is not a toxic material. However, if he swallows menstrual blood products like pads, tampons, and clothes with period blood on them, that is risky.

2. Does my period affect my dog?

A: Dogs and cats can detect your menstruation cycle because your hormonal balance changes ultimately changing your odor. However, licking, sniffing, or eating your period blood cannot affect your dog, unless he is not eating menstrual products. 

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  1. I have a female standard poodle. She eats my tampons and pads all the time. She also sniffs my crotch. I try to get her to stop but with no success. I have many forgetful people in my household, who always leave doors open. I love my dog so much, and if she died from a tampon my world would be over. What do I do?

    1. If your dog sniffs your crotch or ingests a tampon, it’s essential to discourage the behavior, as it may be inappropriate or harmful. Consult a veterinarian to ensure your dog’s safety and discuss any potential underlying issues.

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