How To Potty Train A Yorkie In 2 Days (Fast And Easy)

To potty train a Yorkie, establish a consistent routine for taking them outside to eliminate, use positive reinforcement such as treats and praise for successful elimination outside, supervise them closely inside to prevent accidents, and clean up any accidents promptly using an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odors.

Training a Yorkie to use the restroom on their own is a physically demanding task. If you do not teach them properly, these little breeds have the potential to make a mess of your house whenever they go potty.

How To Potty Train A Yorkie

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New dog owners must know how to train their dogs to go to the bathroom outside. You might feel frustrated and make mistakes if you’ve never tried to teach your Yorkie to go outside for potty. In this article, we’ve given you special tips and guidelines to help you train your dog to go to the bathroom outside.

Like other pet owners, you may now have some typical questions regarding toilet training methods for your dogs. Among those specific questions, one is “How to train a Yorkie puppy to potty,” and another is “how long does it take to potty train a Yorkie?

In the following article, we will answer all the questions you might be considering right now.

How challenging is it to housebreak a Yorkie?

As pet parents, other dog owners have questioned us multiple times about the difficulty of housebreaking a Yorkie. Most people who have just recently adopted a pet have the same question.

When you first start housebreaking your dog, it could appear to be a difficult task. Yet, if you have the correct guide and some good teaching, you can become an expert at housebreaking your new puppy. It might be challenging to housebreak a Yorkie because of its small size. Because Yorkies are more active than other small dog breeds, ensuring they know the correct way to eliminate waste is essential.

But, as we have stated previously, the toilet training guideline provided in this post will assist you in understanding the proper procedure to use when training your Yorkie.

Is potty training a Yorkie a time-consuming process?

This depends on how much time you invest with your Yorkie to housebreak them. The method of housebreaking your pet companion will take approximately four months. Throughout this phase of training, there is a possibility of experiencing inevitable accidents. On the other hand, after only four months of age, a Yorkie can become a potty-trained pet quickly.

Your small furry friend may occasionally make blunders in your home. A slight accident is possible. Yet, it will progressively adjust to the technique. If you notice your dog is ready to make a mess, direct or command them to the designated location.

Note: Remember that the time required to potty train a small puppy may vary based on how consistent they are and how much time is spent.

How often do Yorkies need bathroom breaks?

Yorkies are small breeds. They have small bladders, so they cannot hold themselves for a long time compared to other dog breeds. Your little canine cannot ‘hold it” for too long.

As per their age, they build their holding capacity. For example, if your Yorkie is four months old, it can hold itself for four hours. You can count the holding ability by assuming 1 hour is equivalent to 1 month of age.

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It has been seen that tiny Yorkies are less capable of holding themselves while they are about to poop or pee. There’s a simple reason behind this. As a newborn, they do not have complete control over their bladder or the muscles around the bladder area.

At what age should you potty train your dogs?

What is the ideal time to begin housebreaking a Yorkie? This is a common query asked regularly by people with dogs. Also, when should you start housebreaking your dog at a certain age?

When a dog is seven months old, it is the ideal time to begin housebreaking them. It is recommended that all dog owners follow this recommendation. Some dog owners start training their puppies when they are five months old. At this point, they would need help understanding the housebreaking procedure.

Dogs under six to seven months of age need help to understand the precise meaning of your gestures and instructions. It takes a dog six to seven months to develop its muscle memory to its maximum potential.

Note: It is recommended that you begin housebreaking your dog when it is seven years old; however, there is no harm in starting the process earlier. If this is the case, you will need to spend extra time with your Yorkie and enlist the assistance of other family members to ensure that he does not make any mistakes.

What is the best place to potty train your Yorkie? Indoors or outdoors?

This is based on your preference. Dog owners who do not have easy access to the outdoors prefer to keep their pets indoors. From our experience, it is always better to potty train dogs indoors. We like to train our dogs indoors because we do not have easy outdoor access.

However, it is suggested that you train your dog both inside and outside.

If you’re taking your dog for a walk now that it needs to go potty, then it may be challenging to go potty outside of the house as you have only trained potty training indoors. The opposite thing can happen. And it happens during summer or, perhaps, during a chillier winter. Both seasons are intolerable for them. So they might feel uncomfortable doing their business outside of your house.

Giving training to both sides is preferable for all.

How To hpusebreak A Yorkie

Outdoor toilet training tips for a Yorkie puppy

Potty training a Yorkie to go outside is essential training for every traveler. If you want your Yorkie to relieve themselves on their own without assistance from you, potty training is the answer that will last for good. Even if you train your puppy to use the outdoors as its bathroom, there is no need to purchase potty pads.

Those who take their dogs for hiking frequently will find that this potty training is an excellent choice at any time. During travel, your dog must be ready to excrete its waste without hesitation. 

To ensure that your Yorkie is successful in mastering potty training, you should pay attention to the following advice, which will simplify the overall potty training of your Yorkie outside.

Check these points below:

1. Select a potty spot

While you are getting ready to housebreak your Yorkie, this is one of the crucial duties you must complete. For your puppy to be able to go to the area that has been specified for it every time, it needs to be fixed.

While choosing a place, you should make sure that the place you choose is dry throughout the entire year. With this, your dog may be able to defecate during the wetter months.

Now that you have selected the location, you will need the help of your family members and your own to train your Yorkie to defecate or urinate at the selected location.

When you see that your Yorkie is not following potty training guidelines, 

give him the command to proceed to the designated location. In this case, your family member’s involvement will play a vital role. Whenever you’re not with your puppy, instead of you, your family member should also give the command to Your furry pal.

2. Use verbal commands

Make it a habit to take your dog to the exact location whenever it needs to use the restroom. Please make use of verbal orders to bring their attention to the area of the potty.

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By doing so, they can recall where they are required to defecate. Now, whenever you observe that your puppy is not excreting at your specified location, all that is required of you is to pick them up and keep them at the place.

When you notice that they are about to leave the area, you must remind them where they are required to urinate and defecate.

It is helpful to use commands in verbal form. Even if you take your dog with you on travels, you will find that using verbal commands to control your dog’s behavior is helpful in the situations that arise during these outings.

3. Keep your patience

House training a Yorkie is not a one-day procedure. You must be a constant and consistent parent if you want your puppy to learn to use the bathroom outside the potty pan.

It may take three to four months for a child to become accustomed to the new toilet training methods. Don’t get upset with your Yorkie if he has an accident or makes a mistake on the carpet in your home; it’s bound to happen.

4. Reward for adapting new things

Teaching your Yorkie how to use the potty this way is an excellent plan. It would help to start giving your Yorkie treats when you begin housebreaking them and making them understand why you are offering rewards.

Puppies are comparable to young children. When you do nice things for them or give them presents, they get ecstatic and pleased. It has been said that rewarding dogs with food or toys make teaching them any behavior much easier.

So, give them some treats whenever your dog eliminates its stool at the right place. Rewards like chew toys or foods that it likes a lot.

5. Praise your puppy

Who doesn’t love compliments? Everybody does right! When you see your dog excreting at the right place, spare some good words or pat his back. This is a nice gesture that helps them remember what they have to do to earn your admiration.

Some studies say your humble gestures toward your dog make them happy and agile. So don’t hesitate to praise or admire your dog when it eliminates poop in the right place.

How To Potty Train your Yorkie

How to use potty padding while potty training a Yorkie

Residents of high-rise apartments do not have access to a courtyard or grass area in their building. Using a potty pad might be helpful in those cases. When you want your Yorkie to use a potty pad, there are a few things you should bear in mind, as outlined in the following:

1. Keep the potty pad in a corner

Make an effort to decide where the potty pad will be stored. No one likes invasion during their potty time. Your pet also may not want any interruption while peeing.

They prefer to avoid urinating or defecating in places that are too busy. Hence, place the potty pad in a secluded area. You must select a location in your home’s interior that is out of the way of traffic flow.

2. Guide them to the potty pad when it’s potty time

Even when they sleep, your puppies need to have access to a place where they can relieve themselves. Even if you train your Yorkie to eliminate outside, you should still put pee pads in their crate or puppy playpen at night.

This will ensure that they keep their sleeping quarters intact. You might need help understanding how to use the potty pad initially, but with time and practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Ignore your puppy’s whimpering and barking to catch your attention if you want to train it to sleep throughout the night. This is especially true if you don’t think your puppy needs to go potty immediately, which is rare in the early stages of training.

As your puppy learns more and more, you can take them outside at night to reinforce their training. Refrain from treating it like a game if you do this. Only use specific commanding words and do not show playful behavior while giving this training. When giving toilet training to a puppy, it’s best to return him to his sleeping quarters with the lights dimmed and the door closed.

3. Clean the dirt ASAP

If you see your pet accidentally make a blunder, instead of using the potty pad if it releases urine or stools on the floor, clean the dirt as soon as possible. Do not scold them at all.

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Try to direct them toward the potty pad area. In this way, they will not be afraid of you. And by the next time, they may also use the potty pad to avoid accidents.

When potty training a Yorkie, consistency and positive reinforcement are key. Establish a regular routine for bathroom breaks, use rewards and praise for successful elimination, and supervise closely to prevent accidents.

However, if your Yorkie happens to eat poop, it’s important to address the behavior through training and provide oral hygiene care by consulting with a veterinarian for guidance on how to clean the dog’s mouth and prevent such incidents in the future.

Follow these essential tips to potty train your Yorkie

  • Adjust your schedule to spend more time at home. Spending more time with your puppy may build a stronger connection between you and your Yorkie. So whatever you teach, they will also get the idea and your thought process behind the training.
  • If you’re new to the dog-parenting field, we suggest you get a pet when you have much time to spend with it. In this way, you can form a great bond with them. They also understand your instructions.
  • Do not scold your puppy when they accidentally make a blunder. Your rude behavior may leave a wrong impression on your puppy. Next time you try to teach them a lesson, they may not want to follow your instructions.
  • Owners who want puppies to learn a new habit should also be consistent with their training and timing. If you find a specific time slot during the day, keep the same time for the rest of the training period. This way, you help your dog build a habit that will remain with him for the rest of his life.
  • In some situations, you may see your puppy crying when it is picked up while excreting its stool. We suggest you be gentle if your little doggy is not using a potty pad. Do not hurry; let them relieve from the pressure, then pick them up. Little puppies are delicate and may be injured if picked up during pooping.
  • While training, you must be gentle with your pet. Do not scold them at all. If your dog is not in its quiet mode, then to calm down an anxious puppy, create a calm and safe environment.

Final Words

Potty training a Yorkie demands patience, time, practice, and a positive approach. It requires time management too. It is like every other new habit for your dog. Potty training your furry pal will take some real persistence and continuous determination. From our experience, hold patience and reward your pal constantly while teaching them new behavior.

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FAQ: How To Potty Train A Yorkie

1. How do I stop my Yorkie from peeing in the house?

A: It is not difficult to stop your Yorkie from peeing everywhere in the house. Give your pal training and follow a routine to train them. Within a few months, your little puppy will understand where to pee.

2. What age should a Yorkie be potty trained?

A: It is suggested to give potty training to your Yorkie when they turn at least seven months old. Some people offer training earlier than this age, but an ideal age to learn potty training for a Yorkie is seven months.

3. How often do Yorkies pee and poop?

A: Yorkies usually go to pee or poop 2 to 4 times daily. However, it depends on the age of your Yorkie. Here, bladder capacity also plays a huge role.

4. Are Yorkies easy to potty train?

A: Potty training a stubborn Yorkie takes a lot of hard work and training. Yorkies are small breeds, and they are spontaneous by nature; it takes time to prepare these small breeds of dogs to become potty trained. Nevertheless, you can potty train any species by following consistent training.

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