9 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey, CA

People often get confused with so many beach options in Monterey, but to make your job easy, we have shortlisted a list of 9 dog-friendly beaches that will make your journey memorable.

If you’re planning a vacation on a beach where you and your furry friend can feel the joy of life, visit these beautiful dog-friendly beaches in Monterey, California.

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey, CA

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You can take your family to these beaches and enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere while relaxing and having fun.

1. Monterey State Beach

Location: 2339 Del Monte Ave., Monterey, CA

Monterey State Beach is one of the best places to visit with your furry pal. This beach offers some amazing views of nature. Every time we visit this beach with our dog, we get loads of energy and relaxation.

Your dog will meet many new friends on this beach, as many pet owners visit it with their pals. The whole beach area is open to your dog. But you have to keep your dog on a leash.

The best time to visit this dog-friendly beach is between April and May. During this time, this place becomes crowd-free. Pebble Beach Food & Wine and the Artichoke Festival are two food festivals that attract the most crowds. Don’t forget to be a part of these festivals too.

Monterey State Beach is also famous for its surfing and scuba diving.

Pet Rule: Your dog must be on a leash.

Tip: Check the parking facility once before starting the journey to this beach.

Monterey State Beach
Monterey State Beach

2. Del Monte Beach

Location: 1110 Del Monte Ave., Monterey, CA

Have you become bored with your daily life? Want to explore a beach with your dog on vacation? Visiting Del Monte Beach will satisfy your craving.

This is a popular dog-friendly vacation destination in California. People come to this pristine beach to shrug off their boredom. You and your dog can enjoy this place freely. You can dive into the water and enjoy the water and shallow tides.

Your pet can join you on the beach so you can play with him on the dunes, but he must be on a leash.

If you go to this beach with your family, you can do picnicking, sunbathing, strolling, and many other activities. You can also go hiking through the dunes.

Pet Rule: Keep your dog on a leash.

Tip: You might find excessive bugs and dead sea animals on some parts of the beach, so avoid those areas.

3. Garrapata State Park

Location: 25058 Cabrillo Highway, Carmel, CA

Located on Highway 1, Garrapata State Park is one of the most beautiful places in Monterey to visit. This beach is considered as a pet-friendly beach in Monterey.

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With a long 2 miles of beachfront, this state park offers you a panoramic view of nature. Here you will find the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where you can see marine life and rare bird species.

On this beach, your dog can run freely without interruption, as the entire area remains crowd-free. But your pal must be on a leash.

Pet Rule: Dogs are supposed to be on a leash. Only at gate 19, you can take your dog.

Tip: The beach remains open for half an hour after sunset, so make sure you start your day early.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey_Garrapata State Park
Garrapata State Park

4. Pebble Beach

Location: 1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA 93953, USA

Surrounded by Pacific Grove and Carmel-by-Sea, Pebble Beach is a pet-friendly coastal area that allows your dog to all the time. The point where the fairways meet the ocean is located on the far side of Del Monte Forest, approximately a 15-minute drive southwest of Cannery Row.

People who want to spend time with their canines while enjoying dog-friendly activities can visit this beautiful beach. You can put a life jacket on your dog and keep him on a leash while in the water.

From kayaking to surfing to swimming, you can do many water activities on this beach. After spending time in the water, you can walk with your dog along the beach.

Most restaurants here are dog-friendly, so you will not have any problem finding places where your pal can sit with you too.

Pet Rule: Your dog should have a rabies vaccination certificate and should remain on a leash while in the water.

Tip: Dogs under four months old are not allowed to enter the beach area.

5. Asilomar State Beach

Location: Sunset Dr., Pacific Grove, CA

Located in Pacific Grove, Asilomar State Beach is a one-mile-long beach. Visit this beach with your dog to see the coastal view of California. You can roam around on this beach with your dog while they are on a leash.

If you are a nature lover and love to explore new things in the woods with your dog, then Asilomar State Beach is a great option. You can visit the woods and the coastal area to experience the ambiance.

You don’t have to pay any parking fees here. You can keep your car at the adjacent point of the beach or on Sunset Drive.

Pet Rule: Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach.

Asilomar State Beach
Asilomar State Beach

6. Carmel River State Beach

Location: 26478 Carmelo St., Carmel, CA

Carmel River State Beach has become renowned and earned the badge of being one of the best dog-friendly beaches in the USA. Situated next to Camel River Lagoon, this beach has much to offer. From water activities and seeing a bird sanctuary to getting served the best seafood everything in this area is authentic.

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In the morning, you can walk your dog by the shoreline. At this time, you might meet a few locals who regularly come with their dogs.

The best thing about Carmel River State Park is that there are specific rules for your dog. So you can go wild with your dogs on the beach, even in the water, but it is suggested that you keep your dog on a leash so that it will be in a safe zone during that time when the tides become stronger.

Restrooms and drinking water are available here in this beach parking area, so don’t worry; go and play with your pup and enjoy your leisure time.

Pet Rule: Some places on this beach allow off-leash dogs, but near the lagoon, you must keep your dog on a leash as this area remains full of birds.

Tip: Bring a large bowl of water and poop bags for your four-legged canine.

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7. Lovers Point Beach

Location: Ocean View Blvd and 17th St, Pacific Grove, CA

Located at the foot of 17th St. Lovers Point Beach, this beach offers you 4.4 acres of the vast, extended area. People seeking a place to hang out with family and dogs can head to this place.

Here on this tranquil beach, you can do picnics, kayaking, and other enjoyable activities. If you love fishing, you can bring the equipment to go fishing. Many other people, you might find who are catching fish.

At Lovers Point Beach, sometimes the tides become intense, so keep that in mind if your dog is nearby the shoreline.

After playing with your pal, if you get hungry, you can head to the restaurant and snack bar, which are nearby.

Pet Rule: Keep your dog on a leash.

Tip: Keep the poop bag handy for your dog.

Lovers Point Beach
Lovers Point Beach

8. Alder Creek Beach

Location: Highway 1, Big Sur, CA

On the way to CPH, visit this place if you want to stretch your legs for a couple of hours. This beach welcomes you and your dog with so many things. From scuba diving to sunbathing to fishing, there’s everything you can do. Also, if you want, you can take lessons in scuba diving.

Although the beach is open to dogs, you must keep an eye on your dog because you might find many other people with their pets walking around.

Pet Rule: Leashed dogs are allowed to roam around on this beach.

9. San Carlos Beach

Location: 100 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey, CA 93940

Who does not feel happy to picture themselves and their pet gazing out at the ocean, seeing the boat sailing and the birds flying? If you love being alone and often take your furry pal with you on a trip, then San Carlos Beach is one of the best northern California dog beaches you would love to explore with your dog.

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Not only for solo travelers, but the place is also famous among family travelers. From e-cycling to a shoreline car tour, this place has everything for you to enjoy your leisure.

San Carlos Beach
San Carlos Beach

Before you leave Monterey, make sure to visit some famous pet-friendly restaurants to fill your tummy with the local cuisines.

Dog-Friendly restaurants in Monterey

Esteban Restaurant:

This restaurant is situated in the Casa Munras Hotel. Here you can try mojitos and sangria. For your dogs, you can get some Wagyu bone too.

Cafe Fina:

Cafe Fina is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants and cafes where you can get a meal for your furry friend. Here you will get a separate menu for your pup too.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Monterey

1. Casa Munras Garden Hotel

It is situated in the old town of Monterey at a distance of 3.2 km from the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. You will get free WiFi, a neat and clean room, and good services here. You will also get a fireplace.

2. Monterey Bay Lodge

This hotel is just 200 meters from Bay Beach. Here in this 3-star hotel, you will find accessible parking areas, WiFi, 24-hour service, and a swimming pool. The best part about this hotel is that it offers a hot tub and concierge service. From this hotel, everything is nearby. The beach, pier, highway, and shopping centers are just a few steps from the hotel.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Monterey or want to explore the area’s pristine beaches, remember to stop by the beaches listed above. Else, You might miss out on some of the best aspects of this city.

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FAQs – Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey

1. Are dogs allowed on Del Monte Beach in Monterey?

A: You can bring your dog to Del Monte Beach in Monterey, but your furry pal cannot roam alone. Your dog must remain on a leash.

2. Can you take the dogs to Pebble Beach?

A: Pebble Beach is open to dogs; your dog is allowed to enter the beach area but must be on a leash.

3. Are dogs allowed on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey?

A: Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey will allow your dog. But you have to keep your puppy on a leash.

4. Does Monterey Bay allow dogs?

A: Monterey is known for its pet-friendly ambiance. You can take your dog to Monterey Bay while they are on a leash.

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