10 Best Dog Hiking Boots In 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Dog Hiking boots are mandatory if you frequently take your dog with you for hiking or trekking. Dog hiking shoes or boots protect your dog’s paw from rough surfaces, rocks, abrasive terrain, and many other obstacles.

It is always good to carry dog boots with you when you’re taking your pal for a new adventure. It will make your dog’s journey smooth.

best dog hiking boots

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There are many hiking boots for dogs available in the market. And it’s pretty tough to choose the best hiking boots for your four-legged pal. Your dogs can’t tell you what is the best hiking boots for them so you have to be very careful when you’re going to buy hiking boots for them.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted the best hiking boots for dogs. Check each one carefully for your furry friend before hitting the next hike.

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to go through the whole article but want to know the best dog hiking boots on the market then you can go with this one – Hcpet Dog Boots Breathable Dog Shoes. It is one of the best hiking shoes for dogs. This company makes shoes for all sizes of dogs. These boots are anti-slippery regardless of the surfaces. Whether you take your dog to terrain or in a hilly area, these hiking boots will give your dog a tight grip and its sole is so soft that your dog will not feel uncomfortable when it’s walking.

Should Dogs Wear Boots when Hiking?

Arguably the answer is no. Usually, dogs do not need any hiking boots. As their paws have a tough design that allows them to walk in the roughest condition. However, sometimes they need hiking boots. When they are traveling for a time in a snowcapped area or a desert. So in these cases, your dog’s paw should be taken care of extra.

What to Look for to Purchase the Best Dog Boots for Hiking?

When you’re going to purchase hiking boots for dogs you’ve to keep these few things in mind. These are…

Fit: Make sure you keep this point in mind. In most cases, dog owners have faced many issues regarding boot size. If these boots remain loose in your dog’s paw then your dog might face many issues during trekking or hiking.

Durability: Check sole, upper material, and the toe part. If these areas are not durable then your purpose of buying hiking boot for dog remain unfulfilled.

Ease for the Wearer: You should check whether the boots are easy to put on or not. During trekking or hiking, you may not have a long time to fix your dog’s straps frequently. Hence check this fact carefully. Another important thing is to check the wide opening when you’re purchasing so it would be easy to wear and remove.

Waterproof: Hiking or trekking whatever it is, wetlands will always be there. Make sure your dog’s hiking shoes must be waterproof or water-resistant.

Flexibility: Dogs feel the same beneath their paws same as you. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in shoes then the hiking part definitely will not be a great experience for your dog. Check flexibility when you’re about to purchase dog hiking boots.

1. QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

QUMY Dog Boots are the best waterproof boots on the market available at a reasonable price. These boots come with velcro straps thus making the boot an easy wearable. If you have a large size of dog then it is a perfect brand to go with. Its anti-slippery technology makes these boots great. If you’re heading towards a hill station with your pup then QUMY Dog Boots are the best for your four-legged friend.

best hiking boot for dogs_QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes
QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes


  • QUMY dog boots feature reflective velcro straps. These straps are easily adjustable and work for safety purposes at night.
  • The rugged bottom sole gives these boots a tight and strong grip in terrain and slippery region.
  • The quality of the sole and fabric is one the best USP of these dog hiking boots.
  • These boots are cute and fashionable from the outside as it has embroidery on the outside.
  • The inner fabric is soft that keeps your dog’s paw pad soft.
  • These shoes keep your dog’s paw dry as it is waterproof, So your dog can trod over fearlessly on wet surfaces.
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Cons: The dog hiking boots almost have zero drawbacks but few of the amazon customers have faced issues with the size. So when you’re purchasing keep extra attention and care for it.

2. JZXOIVA Dog Booties Breathable Dog Walking Shoes

The JZXOIVA Dog Booties Breathable Dog Walking Shoes are one of the most in-demand dog shoes. These boots are made of breathable fabric. This fabric allows air inside the boot and keeps your pal’s paw sweat-free. These hiking boots feature reflectable straps which enhance the visibility of your dog at night. Easy to wear is also a great feature of these dog hiking boots.

JZXOIVA Dog Booties Breathable Dog Walking Shoes
JZXOIVA Dog Booties Breathable Dog Walking Shoes


  • These boots come in different shapes so according to your dog’s paw you can choose.
  • The anti-slippery grip makes these boots exceptional.
  • JZXOIVA boots come with a conventional zipper which is easy to put on and put off.
  • It has reflective straps, which increase the visibility of your dog at night and keep your dog safe.
  • These shoes keep your dog’s paw safe from har-wooden floor, vehicles, and walls.
  • Any extra weight may cause pain to your dog that’s why JZXOIVA makes these boots lightweight.
  • JZXOIVA uses polyresin material which is a durable fabric.
  • The price of these boots is affordable.

Cons: These boots come in two variations one is with a conventional zipper another one without a zipper in it. Few amazon users say the non-zipper variant’s fabric and sole are not good. While some other customers have size issues.

3. QUMY Small Dog Boots Splash-Proof Winter Snow Shoes

As the name suggests these hiking boots are meant for small dogs. If your dog is small and if you’re not getting actual shoes for your small pal then these boots may be a good choice for your dog.

If you’re looking for the best dog boots for hiking and long walks then we would suggest this one for you as it features a lot of safety options such as waterproof, tight grip, reflective straps, and many other options.

QUMY boots are specially designed for winter hiking. This is one of the best winter hiking boots on the market that features a tight grip, a good bottom sole, and a conventional zip to close the opening part.

QUMY Small Dog Boots Splash-Proof Winter Snow Shoes
QUMY Small Dog Boots Splash-Proof Winter Snow Shoes


  • A self-adhesive strap design and a manual adjustment will make it easier to put on.
  • These shoes are adjustable and expensive due to their elastic fabric. So it will give your dog’s feet a tight grip.
  • In this boot, they use reflective straps so at night your dogs will be easily visible.
  • Its water-resistant fabric keeps your dog dry and moisturized.
  • The rubber soles are soft so when you take your dog hiking these boots don’t cause blisters on your dog’s paw.
  • The bottom soles are soft yet protect your dog’s paw from edgy stones and hot pavements, gravel, sharp thorns, asphalt, and grass.
  • The design of these boots is cute but also durable.
  • These boots are hand-washable and their colors don’t fade away easily.

Cons: Some Amazon users say these shoes do not have a good padding side. Its sturdy padding causes wound to their dogs.

4. Hcpet Dog Boots

It is always great hiking with your dog and you will get a lot of benefits. But taking out dog on an adventures trip is quite risky but we decided to take our pal with us during a hiking trip so we purchased Hcpet Dog Boots.

Hcpet Dog Boots became a great choice for our dog. When we were on that hiking trip we bought these boots for our dog. It helped our pooch during the long journey by protecting our dog’s paw.

Talking about the facilities, Hcpet Dog Boots are great for all sizes of dogs. The boots feature an anti-slippery grip and a sturdy outer sole. It has 3M reflective straps that are easily visible at night.

Hcpet Dog Boots
Hcpet Dog Boots


  • The Hcpet Dog Boots have an anti-slippery system.
  • These shoes come in different size variants. So you can choose the best one that fits your dog’s paw.
  • Three stretchable straps make the boots easy to put on and put off.
  • The upper fabric is breathable so even in hot weather, your dog’s paw remains sweat-free.
  • As the straps are made of reflective materials so your dog can be visible in dark conditions.
  • The inner part of these boots is very soft and prevents your dog from blisters.
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Cons: Few amazon customers say the upper fabric of these shoes is not durable.

5. VOOPET Dog Shoes

If you’re looking for the best small dog hiking shoes then VOOPET Dog Shoes may be one of the best options available in the market. These boots are made of high-quality micro nylon fabric which is popular for its waterproof technology. These microfibers will not allow water and dust inside the boot and will keep your dog’s paw soft and dry. VOOPET Dog Shoe features a wide-open thus making it easily wearable.

VOOPET Dog Shoes
VOOPET Dog Shoes


  • These hiking boots are made of high protective material which is sturdy yet comfortable to wear.
  • A wide opening makes the boot suitable to wear.
  • Reflective straps keep your dog safe during the night by enhancing your dog’s visibility.
  • The straps are made of elastics so it’s easy to tighten the shoe openings.
  • The outer sole of these shoes is sturdy thus making the shoes durable.
  • The toe front is made of rubber so it protects your dog from furniture at home.
  • VOOPET Dog Shoes prevent your dog’s paw from frostbite and hot ground.
  • The Upper sole of these shoes is made of high-quality leather.

Cons: The only drawback we’ve found in these boots is it becomes heavy when it gets wet.

6. JZXOIVA Dog Shoes

If you have small dogs such as Poodle Bichon Frise, Westhighland white terrier, Miniature pinscher, or maybe Standard Schnauzer then JZXOIVA Dog Shoes are the best. These shoes feature waterproof fabrics, adjustable straps, rubber sole protection, anti-slippery grip, and breathable upper fabrics.



  • JZXOIVA Dog Shoes come in small and medium sizes. So you’ll have multiple options to choose from.
  • These boots are anti-slippery so when you take your pal on a hiking trip your dog will get a tight grip on wet surfaces.
  • JZXOIVA has a tough bottom sole but the inside of the shoes is quite soft. And won’t give blisters to your dog’s paw.
  • The rubber sole in front keeps your pal’s front toe safe from the wooden floor, stones, and thrones.
  • The breathable upper fabric allows air in these shoes and keeps your dog’s paw sweat-free.
  • These shoes come in 6 color variants. So you can choose the right one for your furry pal.
  • JZXOIVA hiking boots are hand washable.
  • Polyresin has been used to manufacture this soft and breathable boot which is long-lasting.

7. Hcpet Paw Protector Breathable Dog Shoes

We always want to roam around fearlessly during hiking trips and we do not keep our dog on a leash. We let them roam around off-leash whenever we take our pals with us. Hcpet Dog Paw Protector is a great choice if you want to protect your dog while it is roaming off-leash on edgy surfaces.

Hcpet is the best hiking boots for small dogs. These boots are specially designed to protect your dog’s feet. It keeps your dog safe from stones, hot surfaces, thorns, and other obstacles. These shoes come with a daily zipper but also has straps to ensure the best fitting possible.

The bottom sole is made of sturdy rubber and gives an excellent grip. The upper fabric is made of mesh technology so these shoes remain cool even in hot weather.

The first time when we were trying to explore dog-friendly trails in Orange County I met a guy who was also traveling with his dog. When he saw my dog struggling to get a grip on wet surfaces he suggested us these dog hiking boots for our pup. Since then our dog is using these hiking boots.

Hcpet Paw Protector Breathable Dog Shoes
Hcpet Paw Protector Breathable Dog Shoes


  • Hcpet Dog Booties Paw Protector is made of air mesh fabric thus making it cool to wear.
  • These shoes have 3M reflective straps to tighten the grip. These reflective straps make your dog visible in dark conditions.
  • These shoes come in a traditional zipper style. So it is easy to put on and put off.
  • Hcpet uses TPR material which is skin-friendly and causes no wounds and blisters to your dog’s paw.
  • These shoes are made of flexible mesh fabric.

Cons: Some users have experienced size issues, so before purchasing these hiking boots take a good measurement of your dog. 

8. Dociote Dog Hiking Boots

Dociote Dog Hiking Boots are made of the best fabrics thus making them long-lasting.  If you want to take your small dog to hike then buy these hiking boots to give protection to your dog’s paw. Deciote uses Fleece fabric to manufacture these hiking boots. This soft fabric keeps your dog warm, clean, dry, comfortable, and keep safe from hot pavements, sharp objects, rocks, and wet surfaces.

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We first tried these boots with our dogs when we were exploring dog-friendly hiking trails in Denver. As Denver is a hilly area it has many twists and turns on its way. During that hiking trip in Denver, Dociote Hiking Boots helped our dog to get a tight grip on that hilly region.

Dociote Dog Hiking Boots
Dociote Dog Hiking Boots


  • Dociote Hiking Boots for dogs are easy to wear as it features velcro straps and a conventional zipper.
  • Super durable rubber gives excellent grip on wet and slippy surfaces.
  • You’ll not have size issues because they do have a 24*7 helpline, so you can contact for the right shoe size.
  • Its soft fleece fabric keeps your dog’s paw dry and soft even in tropical weather.
  • The inner walls of these boots are soft so your dog will not have any irritation in summer.
  • The opening is big so it easy to wear.
  • These shoes are made of waterproof materials.

Cons: Almost with zero vulnerability, Deciote shoes have the only problem with them is it get slippy when your dog uses them in snow-capped regions.

9. RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots

If you want to take your small dog with you for the next hiking trip then Hcpet Dog Paw Protector is a must-have hiking boot for your doggo. The sturdy rubber sole of these hiking shoes protects your dog’s paw from edgy stone, thorns, rough surfaces, and high heat. These washable shoes have air-mesh technology. During a long hiking trip, the air-mesh fabrics will keep your dog’s paw sweat-free.

RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots
RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots


  • RUFFWEAR Dog Paw Protector features breathable air-mesh technology.
  • These boots have reflective trim which increases the visibility of your dogs at night.
  • A reliable hook-and-loop cinch closure is there.
  • Velcro straps keep the shoes fixed with your dog. It will not come out easily.
  • All the materials of these boots are skin-friendly.
  • RUFFWEAR boots have a sturdy rubber sole that allows your dog to walk on a slippery surface.

Cons: The only cons we’ve found in these hiking boots is it is not waterproof. 

10. CMNNQ Snow Small Dog Boots

At a reasonable price, CMNNQAntiskid Dog Shoes is a good choice for your dog. These boots have a solid grip. The bottom sole is made of a sturdy yet soft sole. These boots are meant for the only small dog so if you’re an owner of a small pup then definitely you can opt for these boots.

If you want your dog train on a leash then you have to protect your dog from stones, thorns, and wooden floors. These are the perfect winter shoes for your dog as it has woolen covers on the top end. This woolen fur keeps your dog’s paw warm in winter. So we would suggest you opt for these stylish dog hiking shoes. These are not only stylish and cute but give your dog a charming look.

CMNNQ Snow Small Dog Boots
CMNNQ Snow Small Dog Boots


  • These boots come in 5 to 6 different size variations. So you can choose the best one for your dog.
  • CMNNQ boots are waterproof so your dog’s paw will remain dry even on wet and muddy surfaces.
  • A sturdy bottom sole will allow your dog to roam around regardless of the rough surfaces.
  • Woolen fur on the top of the boots keeps your dog’s paw warm in winter.
  • These shoes protect your dog from chili winter and hot pavements

Hiking boots for dogs may sound unfamiliar. It was the same with us. When we first time heard about hiking boots for dogs we couldn’t believe it. But there are many hiking boot brands available in the market for pets. Initially, it may be a little difficult for your dog to stand with these boots but within a few days, your dog will become familiar with these boots.

It is beneficial to take your dog on a hiking trip. It always keeps you and your pup energetic. So don’t leave your dog all alone while you are roaming around. We would suggest you buy one of these above-mentioned shoes for your furry pals and take them with you for your next adventure.

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