8 Best Knee Braces For Dogs Easy to Use and Safe

As a dog owner, it’s a painful and heart-wrenching thing to see your dog going through pain or knee difficulties. At some point in time, you might have seen this situation. We all have seen our dogs with knee injuries like arthritis or ACL. But unfortunately, we don’t put our attention on this matter.

Now the time has arrived to take a step forward to combat your dog’s knee injury. It is said that dogs get knee injuries when they turn old or in their infant days. To prevent these injuries you must protect your dog’s knee with appropriate gear. One of the best things to prevent your dog’s knee injury is knee braces.

Knee Braces for Dogs

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Now, on the market, you will see a lot of knee braces available. But which one would last long and be helpful to your dogs? To help you in this regard our team has researched and found the best knee braces for dogs. In this article, we will tell you the best dog knee braces on the market that will cost you cheap.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spend too much time reading the whole article then you can directly choose the best dog knee braces on the market.

Labra Dog Canine K9 is our top pick for your dog. These knee braces come in six different sizes. This knee brace is super supportive so if your dog has gone through any injury or surgery and still has been struggling with that issue then you must buy this gear for your dog.

This brace features a strong hinged support system that will provide a lot of support to your dog’s knees while walking and running. Even the weight of these braces is very light. It is just 9.28 Ounces. So your dog will not have any problem with the extra load on its leg muscle.

Benefits of Dog Knee Brace

  • Your dog may avoid surgery. If you provide the knee brace at the right time then your dog may not need any surgery at all.
  • When your dog is going through a tough time after post-surgery, these knee braces make the recovery process faster.
  • One of the best benefits that your dog will get if you provide knee braces to them is their energetic, and agile behavior.

How to Choose The Right Knee Brace for Your Dogs

It is not so easy to choose the right knee braces for your dog. It might be a little bit overwhelming to have the best knee braces for your dog among a lot of brands outside there on the market.

1. Labra Supportive Dog Canine Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap

Labra Joint Wrap is one of the best knee braces on the market. The price is quite fair compared to others and at the same time, it is a long-lasting knee brace. The weight of these knee braces is only 1.13 Ounces so it will not make your dog’s leg heavy.

Labra Supportive Dog Canine Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap


  • These braces come in 4 different sizes.
  • These knee braces are highly recommended by most veterinarians.
  • Labra supportive dog canine brace gives excellent support to the injured knees.
  • This knee brace is a hook brace so you can put on this brace on any leg of your dog.
  • The company promises a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any complaints about the quality, just mail them. They will take care of the rest.
  • Labra Supportive Dog Canine Rear Leg Hock Joint Wrap protects the wound. If your dog has gone through any surgery and still has a wound then these knee braces might be helpful to protect that wounded knee.

2. Labra Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Wrap Sleeve

Is your dog getting old? Does it always remain grumpy due to joint pain? Then you must buy these knee braces for your dog. This only weighs 1.59 Ounces which is very light to carry. If you feel your dog is struggling a lot due to excessive joint pain then you must give some knee support to your dog by getting it a pair of knee braces.

Best Knee Braces For Dogs_Labra Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Wrap Sleeve


  • These knee braces are made of high-quality material so they will long last.
  • It is really easy to put on as the Labra Dog Canine Front Leg features velcro straps.
  • Labra Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Wrap Sleeve has a velcro strap that is easy to tie.
  • These braces are specially designed for dogs that suffer from arthritis.
  • This company offers its customers a valuable service. If you have any issues regarding size then just drop them an email.

3. Ortocanis Original Dog Knee Brace

We always try to get a speedy recovery from illness so do our dogs too. But they cannot speak so we have to take care of them very carefully. If your dog has some knee injuries or has gone through surgeries you may wonder about a speedy recovery for them.

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  1. The light compression of these knee braces will provide your dog stability and will improve its balance
  2. Ortocanis Original Dog Knee Brace gives your dog’s leg a 360 support.
  3. These knee braces reduce the pain caused by cruciate ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and kneecap problems.
  4. It increases the joint’s temperature thus helping to reduce inflammation of injured knees.
  5. Ortocanis knee brace is designed and manufactured to provide maximum support and comfort to your injured dog.
  6. The High-Performance neoprene offers elasticity to your dog’s leg. So it can walk with agility.
  7. These knee braces are made of 2 mm durable neoprene
  8. This is very lightweight, only 3.21 Ounces.
Ortocanis Original Dog Knee Brace

4. NeoAlly Dog Ankle Braces Canine Rear Leg Brace

This hock brace is for only small breed dogs. Although it has medium and bigger sizes as well. But, This company manufactures special knee braces for small dogs. NeoAlly Dog Ankle Braces come in different sizes so you don’t have to worry about the size.


  • NeoAlly Dog Ankle Braces come with reflective straps so at night it will enhance the visibility of your dog.
  • It has a velcro strap which is easy to wear.
  • These NeoAlly ankle braces are made of 4mm neoprene nylon lining.
  • This Dog Ankle Brace does provide support to the entire leg of your dog, and thus indirectly benefits dogs with knee issues. This is one of the best ACL knee braces for dogs.
  • A NeoAlly Dog Ankle is made of soft neoprene material which is soft and does not cause any irritation or rash on your dog’s ankle.
  • These Ankle braces are lightweight, breathable, and flexible and provide optimal compression and support to your dog.
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Cons: Although the quality is premium and loved by a lot of people. But, few customers have material issues. You may find some size issues so be careful while choosing the ideal one for your dog.

best dog knee braces_NeoAlly Dog Ankle Braces Canine Rear Leg Brace

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5. IN HAND Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace

IN HAND Dog Rear Hock is excellent for dog that has severe knee injuries. Its extra supporting pad is an excellent support system. This dog has metal spring support that will help your dog to move easily.


  • There is a  leg hock brace that can prevent licking wounds.
  • This knee brace protects your dog’s wounds from the outer side.
  • The metal spring straps help your dog while walking.
  • IN HAND Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace features strong Velcro straps that support your dog’s injured knee.
  • Dogs that can move a lot and have been suffering from arthritis will get a lot of benefits as this hock brace gives stability.
  • It is made of a neoprene compression brace which provides stability and support.
  • These hock braces are soft, sturdy, lightweight, and made of cushioned material.
  • It is waterproof so you do not need to put them off back and forth.
IN HAND Dog Rear Leg Hock Brace

6. AGON Dog Knee Brace – Professional Knee Support Brace

AGON Dog Knee Brace is one of the best professional Knee Support Braces on the market. At a reasonable price, you will get an adjustable Hinge Stabilizer. Which is easy to twist. So if your dog has severe knee injuries and is unable to turn its knee then this Knee brace will give support to turn the knee part. These knee braces come in 4 different sizes. As per your dog’s needs, you can choose the right one. AGON always cares about quality and durability. They have used premium quality neoprene which is durable and skin-friendly.  


  • AGON Dog Knee Brace is only 7.05 Ounces which is very lightweight. 
  • These braces feature 1 advanced velcro strap to give extra support to the knee and joint area.
  • These knee braces have an adjustable Hinge Stabilizer.
  • As this hock brace features velcro straps it’s really easy to put on and put off.  
  • These knee braces are made of Stretchy fabric which is breathable and lightweight. 
AGON Dog Knee Brace

7. NeoAlly Pair Dog Rear Leg Brace Canine Rear Hock Joint Support

NeoAlly Pain Dog Rear Leg Brace is one of the best knee braces for dogs with torn ACLs. These Rear Leg Braces give 360-degree protection to your dog’s knee. Let’s look at the features of these knee braces in detail.


  • NeoAlly Pair Dog Rear Leg Brace is made of 4 mm thick neoprene.
  • The ankle’s design perfectly matches the dog’s hock to prevent it from sliding down easily.
  • This top-line dog hock brace is highly recommended by veterinarians for dogs that had ACL injuries.
  • This dog brace is made of 4mm premium quality neoprene and nylon lining which give it long-lasting durability.
  • These braces are soft and do not rub, pinch or hurt your dog’s skin.
  • This is very comfortable and suitable for longer uses.
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NeoAlly Pair Dog Rear Leg Brace Canine Rear Hock Joint Support

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8. Yullya Dog Knee Brace, Dog Leg Brace

Yullya Dog Knee Brace is an excellent protection for knee wounds, ACL, and Knee Cap dislocation. The best feature of this knee brace is it comes with a dog harness. This is a highly recommended orthopedic knee brace for dogs by expert veterinarians. So, you do not have to worry about the quality. Let’s look at the features in detail.


  1. Yullya Dog Knee Brace has a strap that connects the knee brace to the harness so the knee cap will not slip off anyway.
  2. This dog knee brace restricts the movement between the tibia and femur and provides stability to reduce the force on the ACL.
  3. Arthritis affects your dog’s mobility. By giving extra support Yullya Dog Knee /brace makes your pup agile and spontaneous.
  4. Yullya Dog Brace supports your dog’s limbs and keeps their joints relaxed and happy. So they’re not slowed down by aching joints while helping to rebuild muscle, increase mobility, and enhance function.
Yullya Dog Knee Brace

If your dog is going through knee pain, knee cap difficulties, arthritis or any joint issues then let us tell you one thing. You must take your pet to a veterinarian first and consult with him. Getting a pair of knee braces is a great way to prevent arthritis, ACL, or other knee injuries. These braces will save your dog from risky injuries too. In case you do not want to spend money you can design these knee braces at home as well. Home-made braces also work the same way.

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FAQ – Knee Braces for Dogs

1. Do dog knee braces help with ACL problems?

A: Dog Knee Brace is an invaluable gear for ACL, sprains, arthritis, or other knee injuries. These braces give extra support to your dog’s weak leg. By using it your dog can walk easily and steadily.

2. How many hours a day should a dog wear a knee brace?

A: There is no specific time but as per requirements, your dog can wear it. It is suggested that if your dog has severe knee injuries then put the brace in the morning and take it off in the evening.

3. Can a torn ACL in a dog heal itself?

A: Yes, your dog may get a full recovery from ACL with proper rest and Immobilization. It may need surgery in rare cases but your dog can recover from a torn ACL.

4. Should a dog sleep in a leg brace?

A: No, your dog should not sleep in a leg brace. It’s fine for your dog to wear the brace during the day, but remove it at night. If your dog sleeps in a knee brace then it might feel skin irritation. It is suggested by the veterinarians that you should not let your dog sleep in a knee brace.

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