I Want To Travel But I Have A Dog: Pack Your Bags and Paws

Are you planning a trip with your dog but need to know how to schedule your trip with your pal? As pet parents, we got the same question when planning our journey with our pet, Jack!

But we have learned to schedule a trip with our furry pal over time.

I Want To Travel But I Have A Dog

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As pet lovers, we all want to travel with our dogs, but sometimes, bringing our furry pal is impossible! Sara and I have been traveling with our pal, Jack! However, sometimes it’s not possible to take him with us.

Most dog parents always find this situation very difficult. Many of them ask us common questions,” I want to travel, but I have a dog,” how to travel with dogs, and if it is not possible to take them on a trip, then what they should do. We also have gone through the same dilemma of whether we should let our dog check in with our relatives and friends or call an agency to look after our pet.

From our real-life experience, we are sharing the most useful ideas with you.

Traveling with a Dog: Considerations and Planning:

Exploring with a canine companion can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. But if you plan properly, it will become easier to go and enjoy the trip with your pal. It becomes more engaging and joyful when you have your companion with you. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial if you considered the following guidelines.

A. Assessing your dog’s temperament and health for travel:

Before starting your journey, you must check your dog’s behavior and health. Your dog’s health must be your priority. Everyone should be fit and active on a trip, whether it’s you or your pal. So, before exploring the new edges of travel, check your dog’s health in advance.

B. Choosing the right travel destination:

Most pet lovers think handling their pets while traveling will be easier. They think they can manage everything while traveling, but from our experiences, we can tell you that it is not a piece of cake.

You have to plan if you want to take your pal with you. It would help if you researched the travel destination in advance. All travel areas are not ready to allow dogs. Some travel destinations do not allow dogs in or have strict rules. So, when you travel with your dog, research the internet for pet rules.

We often think about our enjoyment while traveling, but if you travel with your dog, you must be extra careful about the enjoyment part of your dog. When searching for a destination to take your furry friend, check for facilities that cater to dogs’ enjoyment.

C. Transportation options:

One of the major issues that pet parents find while they plan to travel with their dogs is transportation. If you travel by car, you must remember bowls, chew toys, and crates. These things may be optional for a short trip, but if you travel to a far destination, you may keep the food and water for your dog. A bowl, water, and some toys are really important.

Sometimes, we travel to a destination that may need you to travel through air. In those scenarios, checking the boarding option for dogs is important. All flights are not comfortable taking your dogs with you in the cabin, so look after the rules and regulations, too.

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While traveling with a dog in public, you must keep your dog on a leash. If you use any public transport facility, a leash is the must-have gear for your dog. You should train your dog in advance to remain calm and composed while traveling.

D. Pet-friendly accommodations:

Pet parents, who say, “I want to travel but I have a dog, how will I manage?” Traveling with pets is a challenge for them. But with the right guidance, you can make it easier. We need to take care of our pets like a baby.

As we said earlier, all hotels and tourist places don’t allow dogs. So, where they will stay and whether the area will suit them are common concerns every pet owner has. Finding pet-friendly accommodations is important, so connect with the local authority to get the details about the area.

Planning trips with dogs can be challenging, but with proper planning, you can make it easier. One of the major issues pet owners encounter is when they travel by air. Some aircraft charge extra for your dog when some do not even allow your dog with you on the plane.

Sometimes, traveling with a dog internationally may take more than 48 hours, so prepare your dog accordingly. In this case, you must train your dog with the “follow the command” technique or teach them to remain calm for a long time.

Traveling by air with a large dog in the cabin may cause you many problems. First, you won’t be able to take them with you in the same cabin or under the seat. So you have to send your dog on a cargo plane. Please check the entire process of carrying a big dog from the aircraft authority.

All pet parents aspire to go camping and embark on outdoor adventures with their dogs. Sara and I have been doing this since Jack became a part of our lives, but initially, we faced many problems when we first camped with Jack. We were not ready at all for what happened on that trip. So prepare yourself and your dog for camping.

Camping during travel requires diligent planning, including decisions about where to stay and what food to feed your dog. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and seek advice from experienced individuals before embarking on a camping trip with your dog.

I Want To Travel But I Have A Dog

Preparing Your Dog for Travel

One of your priorities should be training your dog for the new adventure, whether it is a busy or serene area. Preparing your dog for the trip should be your first and foremost task. If your dog is mature, it may travel alongside you, but if it is a puppy, you must watch for your dog’s comfort.

A. Crate training and comfort:

So, train your dog for crate training. If you suddenly put your dog in a crate during the journey, it may turn restless, so try to let it undergo some evolution in advance.

When we place our dog in a crate, they may initially resist being confined for extended periods. However, with consistent training, they can become accustomed to it over time. One of the main reasons dogs become restless in a crate is when they get bored. So keeping some toys dry food is important to entertain them.

Many dog crates are available in the market, but choose one with a different compartment and some space.

B. Training for travel-related behaviors:

Dog training is as important as searching for a good place for your vacation if you want to take your dog with you. We have many dog training questions from the dog parents, and most of them ask three basic things: how to improve your dog’s manners, how to potty train them, and how to make your dogs calm in a crowded place.

Here, we want to tell you a simple thing about dog training. First, you must understand whether your dog is comfortable for this trip. So check your dog’s health first. If your pal is healthy, train him 1 month before you start your journey. Take him for regular walks. Play with them to make them agile, then give them training lessons.

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Leash manners are relatively easy to teach. Some aggressive breeds do not want to be put on any leash, but with polite behavior and understanding, you can handle your dog easily while on a leash. If you are worried about the potty training, it is a lengthy procedure.

But you can make your dog potty trained easily. If you’re on the road with your dog and your dog is about to excrete, command him where to go. If your dog is not following, command “NO.” If you have already trained him with this command, this will work.

In new destinations, dogs need time to get accustomed, but training them to socialize in crowded places will be fine. To mix your dog in a new environment, try to take your puppy out for a walk in a busy street in a busy mall in advance.

Make sure while traveling to keep them on a leash for safety. In some cases, we have seen dogs behave very anxiously on the road, so consulting a pet behavior specialist can be essential.

travel with dog

C. Packing essentials for your dog:

Similarly, like human travelers, dogs also require proper care and treatment from their owners. When packing for a trip with your dog, it’s important to bring a few essential items to ensure a better experience for both you and your furry companion.

Food is one of the first important things in this category. While traveling with a dog, take enough food, water, toys, and medicines. These are some must-have pet travel essentials that you must carry. Food may kill the boredom of your dog easily. So, take your dog’s favorite cheat meal as well.

Taking medications and medical records of your dog are also important. Almost every hotel and local area asks to carry your dog’s medical records.

Ensuring Your Dog’s Well-Being During Travel

A. Health and safety precautions:

Whether you travel with your dog by air or local transportation, health and safety precautions on the road are important. Make sure your dog is healthy and vaccinated to date. You may have to show it to the transportation authority. So, taking all vaccination papers and researching pet policies for travel is something that you put as a top priority.

We have often seen dog owners not keep an eye on their dog’s loo breaks. As a result, pet owners face different problems while traveling. It is recommended to all dog owners to take breaks at regular intervals.

If you’re traveling with your dogs, always carry a water bottle or pouch for your dog, too. Dogs may not be accustomed to long flights and can get thirsty and hungry, so having food and water readily available is crucial.

While we can’t control the weather or temperature, we can take measures to protect our furry friends. But the least we can do is we can bring a crate that offers a canopy in it. So, your little pal may remain cool under the hood in high heat.

B. Managing anxiety and stress:

We do this every time we plan to travel with Jack! We always consult our veterinarian with our dog. Consulting with your dog for the trip is important. He will suggest tackling your dog if it becomes angry or anxious during travel.

We often try calming our dog using the “no” command technique. Consulting your veterinarian for guidance on pet care while traveling is highly recommended.

travel dog

Exploring Destinations and Activities with Your Dog

A. Researching dog-friendly attractions:

Traveling with our dog makes us happy, but the fun part becomes shallow when the dog has no activity during the journey. To make your journey with your dog memorable, you must plan every step thinking about your pal. Find time to do some pet-friendly activities during travel with your dog. These activities will keep you guys agile and spontaneous.

Finding parks, beaches, and outdoor spaces is important. Try to check the dog-friendly destinations for them. If you want to spend quality time traveling with dogs, research dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

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B. Balancing human and dog interests:

Travel is not like rushing from one point to another but more like a scheduled and organized plan. If you plan your day, like when you want to go for a walk with your dog, when you want to visit local areas along with your pet, and when you need rest, the entire travel experience will become smoother and more energetic. Remember to take adequate rest while you travel with your pet.

Finding Support While Traveling

While traveling with dogs, it is essential to research the place. Check every possible thing that is connected to dogs. Places like dog parks, dog-friendly hotels, and local tourism that welcome dogs.

Try to make a list and connect with the local authority in advance to know the pet-friendly facility they have. It is better to make connections with local dog parks and owners. They will help you to organize your trip with your pal more easily.


Traveling with a dog may seem like a headache, but it has many advantages. There are a lot of benefits of traveling with dogs. These canines will entertain you all the time. They will also be the first ones to protect you from any danger.

Traveling with our furry pals is one of the best things we want to do as pet parents. However, going on a trip with them takes proper planning. We have to check the accommodation rules, travel documentation, and other things to ensure our pet will have a pleasing journey with us.

We’ve covered everything from planning the journey to training your dog for a long trip with you. We hope you will enjoy the next tour with your furry friend. So go ahead and prepare your backpack! What are you waiting for?



1. Is traveling with a dog stressful?

A: Traveling with a dog can be stressful because of adjustment issues. Your dog may need to find the new ambiance suitable. However, a traveling dog can be joyful, too, as you will have someone next to you as a companion.

2. Can you leave a dog alone for a week?

A: We do not suggest you do that. Dogs are social animals, and they always seek our attention. Thus, leaving a dog all alone for a week may cause a lot of problems for him. But, with appropriate accommodation, you can leave your dog at your relatives’ home.

3. What can I do with my dog on long-term travel?

A: A long-term trip with your dogs needs a proper plan. Before you take your dog with you, make sure you research the place. Caring for your dog’s health during the journey would be best, so bring food, medicines, and toys.

4. What should I consider when flying with my dog?

A: If you’re flying with your dog, you must consider a few things in your checklists: airline policies, the vaccination certificate of your dog, a crate for carrying your dog, toys, and dry foods.

5. How can I manage my dog’s anxiety during travel?

A: There are many ways to calm down your anxious dog during travel. One of the most useful techniques is allowing it to play with chew toys. Chewing toys distract your dog’s mind easily. Apart from this, you can train your dogs to keep calm in crowded situations, too.

6. What should I pack for my dog when traveling?

A: When your dog is on vacation with you, you must take a few essential things with you. Among those, travel crates, medicines, leashes, harnesses, toys, food, and bowls are important elements.

7. How do I address my dog’s bathroom needs while on the road?

A: You can address your dog’s bathroom needs easily while on the road. All you need to pay attention to is your dog’s behavior. Also, occasionally taking your dog to the restroom, keeping a handy waste bag is useful for understanding your dog’s bathroom needs.

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