9 Reasons Why Does My Dog Hump After Eating: Explained

I got a German Shepard three years back and after a year I caught him humping with his toy. His lips were stretched out, brows were furrowed, ears were hanging and he was humping!

My instant reaction was to close the door and go to another room. Like you, I took Google for an answer to my question – why does my dog hump after eating? 

Why Does My Dog Hump After Eating

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So, what I learned that day was humping, mounting, and thrusting is a common and normal behavior that every dog displays. And, being a dog mother, I would never discourage that is so natural. 

Truly, it feels awkward to see your kiddo furry puppies humping on things or with other dogs, but this is not a sign of behavioral disorder or illness. 

So, here I will narrate the possible reasons why my dog humps after eating and how to stop my dog from humping in a public place or with visitors. 

Let’s start. 

9 Reasons: Why does my Dog Hump My Other Dogs after Eating

1. Play the game

Flight or fight play has been documented as an amicable social behavior among dogs. Hence it is natural to mix up a bunch of behavior while playing with other dogs. 

Licking, humping, scratching, yawning, chasing, pouncing, wandering, jumping and every other such activity is a dog’s playful act and hunting behavior. 

Moreover, when two dogs of the opposite sex hump each other they may end up mating.

Therefore, if you do not want it to happen that then keep your dog away from the opposite sex.

However, to distract dogs humping behavior, provide them with PVC, BPA, and Phthalate-free play objects so that they are mentally engaged.

Tip: Train and redirect your dog at early stage not to hump other dogs 

2. The intensity of a dream

Humping is sexually gratifying and like humans, a dog’s body discharge sex hormones that inflate sexual interests. In such a situation humping with another dog is a natural behavior. 

In a year, the female dog goes through two estrous cycles and its body releases a hormone that arouses male dogs. Moreover, male dogs can sniff out the smell and want to hump.

The estrous cycle scent is so powerful that even street dogs and other dogs surrounding you can sniff out and want to mate.

Unlike birds, dogs do not have mating time or season therefore, it is very important to keep your dog spayed and neutered during this period. 

Additionally, apart from estrous cycles scent, there can be a medical reason that makes your dog hypersexual. Urinary tract infection and enlarged prostate gland might be the reason.


  • If your dog is in heat, she will be sexually aroused and wants to mate. Therefore, keep the male and female dogs in different rooms or if possible in a different building. 
  • Talk to the vet and seek medical suggestions for his sexual arousal
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3. Energy burst 

Same as humans, dog food like white potato, and rice contains carbohydrates, it is very evident there will be a sudden spike in their glucose level and he feels energized and active.

However, dogs have the inherent trait to perform vigorous-intensity activities so after a sugar rush, they cannot sit down and snore.

You may take your dog out for a walk after a hearty meal, and still, find him humping. This is because humping is part of dogs’ instincts and behavior and they release their energy through it. 

You might argue that walking is also a physical activity then why does a dog hump rather than walk? Again, that’s his behavior and it is not good to walk on a full stomach. 

Exercise after eating food can result in gastric dilatation-volvulus or GDV and poor bowel movement in dogs. 


  • After a hearty meal do not take him anywhere for at least 30 minutes
  • If humping is a problem to YOU then offer low carbohydrate food such as rice, potato, sweet, lentils and more. 

4. Hunger for attention and owner-love

Have you seen your dog squeezing, sniffing, barking, and licking you after you come back home from the office? Ahh! Yes, always. He is your furry kid!

He missed you all the time and now he wants all your attention! Dogs and cats are very jealous to share their owner’s affection with anyone. 

Humping is a way to seek your attention. He knows that this is going to catch your eyes and make you talk to them.

However, if you find your dog growling at you, sniffing into your personal space, or pushing away your items then I can guarantee he is demanding your attention. 


  • Spend quality time with your dog. Offer him a belly rub and play with him
  • If they hump, do not scold them, look away and make them feel that humping is not a way to seek attention. 

Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

5. Response to anxiety/excitement or stress

Once I saw my friend biting her nails and biting her hair when the class teacher declared to show exam papers. Such behavior does not have any explanation; she does it out of anxiety. 

On the other hand, once I saw my friend excited as well as anxious about meeting her boyfriend after years.

Therefore, all these are emotions. Such behaviors are common for dogs too. As per the vet, the dog’s anxious behavior is called ‘displacement’.

He scratches, digs, sniff, pants, barks, trembles, chews, bites, and humps too!

Humping is a good release of energy! Sometimes because of stress or excitement my dog climbs on my head

I try to coax him and shift his thoughts in a different direction. As per the research, dogs are sensitive to separation, noise, and general fear.

There is a build-up of a lot of energy when such emotions get triggered and he does not know what to do resulting in humping. 

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Emotional conflict also results in humping. For example, a friend of mine who lives far away visited my place and loved my dog way too much.

When Coffee saw her, she got so excited that she started air-humping all around my living room. Therefore, emotions result in humping!


  • Design a customized behavioral program for your dog
  • Anxiolytic medicine can also be helpful but talk to a doctor before giving it to your dog
Why Does My Dog Hump After Eating

Why do Dogs Hump Things?

6. Demanding more food

Dogs’ appetite changes dramatically depending on their time of life, including youth, adult, pregnancy, size, breed, and old age.  

Some dog parents have full knowledge of the number of meals to be given to the dog depending on their breed, age, and physical activity. 

However, if your dog is very active they need fuel to run therefore it tries to catch your attention by humping. He knows that barking and whining will lead him nowhere. 

Demanding more food always does not mean he is hungry, he is motivated by the taste of the food and loves treats. 


  • Offer your dog a balanced diet full of fiber and low in calories. Offer him orange, beet pulp, apple, brown rice, fish, and meat. Lack of nutrition can make him fall sick.
  • Consult animal nutrition to make sure your pet gets a balanced diet and does not end up having a lot of food.

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7. Medical issues and health

There is very less chance of your dog humping because of medical and health issues, however, sometimes it might be the reason. 

Skin allergies, priapism, prostate problem, and urinary tract infection may result in humping. You will see him humping on furniture and other objects around your house. 

Tip: Take him to the vet and consult him

Why Does My Dog Hump

Dog Humping Pillow

8. Habit and sleep time routine

What’s your pre-sleep routine? Is it soothing and relaxing? Dogs behave much more like humans. They develop pre-sleep routine habits that soothe their sleep.

If the dog is humping with his pillow every night around the same time before sleeping then he is doing it out of habit. Remember, dogs are a creature of habit!

Why does my dog bite me, chase me, or lick me? This thing he does is out of habit which releases his energy. 

As per research, humping is a self-soothing behavior. 

Tip: There is no harm in letting your Fido have “me-time” behind closed doors as long as it is not causing the problem.

Dog hump her Bed after She Eats

9. Inadequate exercise 

Dogs are inherently born active to run around on all four battling legs and exercise every day to feel active. 

Breeds like Border Collie and German Shepherd need 2-2.5 hours of regular exercise to not feel sick. 

If they cannot burn their energy in playing or running then humping, chewing, and barking are the behavior they indulge themselves in. 

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Dog exercise is not about running or playing with toys but a regular walk through varied routes enriches his mental health. 

How to Stop your Dog from Humping? 

Dog humping is not always about sex, can be for any of the above reasons. Therefore, to stop your dog from humping make sure you know the reason. 

Check his actions for a few days and if still, you cannot find a reason then book an appointment with your veterinarian. 

He is the most experienced person to tell you the reason behind your humping. Moreover, you know that dog humping is related to emotional as well as medical reasons. 

Once you know the reason here is the following thing you can do to stop your dog from humping.

  • Catch your dog when he is humping and command him saying “stop”, “no”, “leave it, or “off”. Such commands are normal and will not trigger further activities. 
  • If he listens to your “no” then reward him with a belly rub or toys, or small cuddling. Your motive is to shift his attention to different things.
  • Dogs must be neutered. As per the research, the neutered dog has 60% less chance to hump.
  • Train him so that your pet responds to your voice command. If he humps in a public place, do not shout at him rather walk them away from the place and take him to a much quieter place and sit with them to interact. Such behavior can disrupt the pattern of humping. 


I hope I have answered the reasons “why my dogs hump after eating”. Humping is a natural activity and that should not be your problem. However, excessive humping is not a good sign and that’s a concern. 

Moreover, I want to conclude that it is important for you to communicate better with your dog so that your relationship is not stressful. If you start early in incorporating “good manners” he will learn so. 

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FAQs – Why does My Dog Hump after Eating

1. Is it normal for a female dog to hump you?

A: Yes, it is normal for a female dog to hump you. She is doing it to seek your attention, out of boredom, want more food, anxious, aroused, or trying to show his dominance. 

2. Why does my dog hump when he’s happy?

A: Your dog is humping when he is happy because he is excited. The reason can be a burst of energy or after seeing you for a long time.

3. Do dogs hump you for attention?

A: Yes, dogs hump because of attention. However, you need to spend quality time with him and check his mental and physical behavior. He might want to communicate with you, so listen to him. 

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  2. My dog humps his, “LaLa” after he’s had dinner. He’s 5 now and this has been a thing since he was 2yrs old. I sometimes have to help him put it back. (Only when it’s been hanging out all night 🤪) But he’s my love, my baby and also my support/service animal so he can never do wrong. He takes care of mommy everyday of his life and I will FOREVER LOVE HIM ❣️❣️❣️

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