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Asbury Park is one of the most visited places in New Jersey. This dog-friendly sand beach hosts games, music, fun, and a joyful atmosphere. Sara and I love to be on this beach whenever Jack is with us.

As pet parents, we always want places like Asbury Park where Jack (our pet dog) can run limitlessly. There are a few dog-friendly beaches available in New Jersey, US. Asbury Park stands out among them.

Asbury Park Dog Beach

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If you’re a pet owner and looking for a place in New Jersey to have fun with your pal, then we recommend you to visit 8th Avenue Asbury Park Dog Beach.

Discover why Asbury Park is such a popular destination and learn how to make the most of your day there in this article. We’ll guide you through the reasons that contribute to its popularity and offer tips on how to fully enjoy your time in Asbury Park.

Location: 1738 Ocean Ave N, Asbury Park, NJ, US, 07712-0000

Time to Reach: It takes almost an hour of drive from Manhattan

Asbury Park off-leash hours: From mid-May to mid-September, your dogs can be off-leash between 6 am to 8 am.

Pet Safety Parameters: To look after your dog there will be no one on the beaches, so you have to look after your dog on your own. While swimming and surfing, you may get some help from the local authorities if any serious thing happens; otherwise, you have to be careful about your dog’s behavior.

Pet Vaccination Certificates: A pet vaccination certificate is necessary if you go to the beach.

Asbury Park Dog Beach Rules: Dogs must be on a leash on boardwalks and sea beaches. Some specific dog beach etiquette pet owners must follow as per the local rule book, so check those rules that may be needed on the spot.

Timings: The best time to visit 8th Ave Asbury Park Dog Beach is from May 16 to September 14. This time, you can take your dog to Asbury Park in the evening, and in the morning, licensed dogs are allowed till 8:30 am.

Situated on the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park Dog Beach has many fun activities to offer its visitors. Asbury Park has been famous to tourists since the 90’s, but after a decade, people stopped visiting this beach area.

Now, in the past few years, the local authority has taken charge and restored its eco-tourism and has made it popular with tourists. People who look at a dog-friendly beaches in New Jersey come and enjoy their time with their furry friends.

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The main reason they choose this beautiful beach area is because it’s less crowded compared to other pet-friendly beaches in New Jersey. People also visit Asbury Park not only because it is a canine-friendly park, but they come for its relaxing ambiance, diverse music, art, and pop culture.

asbury park dog beach

Asbury Park Activities for Dogs and Their Parents:

There are many things to do in Asbury Park, especially for pet owners. However, if you are visiting these beautiful New Jersey dog beaches, then you must consider doing and visiting the following points.

Asbury Park Beach:

Come down to this park with your pet for a long walk on its white sand beach. Here in this park, a place is designated where dogs are allowed, and they can release their joy to its fullest.

The best part about this dog-designated place is you will find many other dog owners with their pets. So you will have the chance to interact with them.

Sunbathing and relaxation:

After a hectic week in the office, if you’re in search of a place where you can be exposed to nature and want to feel it, then Asbury Park sunbathing is a must-thing to do.

On the wide sand beaches in Asbury Park, you will get enough exposure to the sun that the lethargic negativity energy will evaporate in a couple of minutes. So spend your weekend on this beach with your dog.

Ocean Grove Boardwalk:

Witness the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Asbury Park by strolling along its Ocean Grove Boardwalk. In the evening, the view is particularly breathtaking. However, please note that pet owners are not permitted to walk their pets on this boardwalk at all times. Be sure to check the designated timings for pet access before planning your visit.

Wonder Bar Yappy Hour:

Are you someone who wants to shake your legs on music beats? Then please visit Wonder Bar Yappy Hour Bar. Here you can take your dog with you. The ambiance of this place is so vivid and colorful that you will get energy rejuvenation in a few minutes. Here, you will meet a lot of dog owners as well. So, without a doubt, you must visit this pet-friendly area.

Walk down to Stephe Crane House:

Another attractive nearby place in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is Stephen Crane House. This is the house of the author of “Red Badge of Courage”, Stephen Crane. People who know American history in World War 2 know what the Red Badge of Courage is.

So, if you’re a travel enthusiast and want to roam around the nearby area of Asbury Park, then come to this place with your pal and witness the legacy of Stephen Crane.

Sunset Lake Park:

This 22-acre green space is meant to be visited by those people who are seeking relaxation. If you’re traveling with your dog in Asbury Park, then come down to Sunset Lake Park. This is not a regular park, and here, people come to do outdoor activities and long walks.

Asbury Park Dog Beach


Surfing is one of the most famous outdoor activities in Asbury Park! Whether you are a novice or a pro in this segment, you will start loving surfing once you try surfing through the waves on Asbury Park beaches.

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Numerous surfing schools and local shops offer a wide array of surfing equipment and expert guidance to enhance your enjoyment of this exhilarating activity. While it’s important to note that this isn’t a pet-friendly activity for your puppy, surfing is a thrilling and enjoyable experience that you can fully embrace.


If you are a fishing lover and want to catch some fresh ones from the sea, then bring fishing gear with you. There are some areas in Asbury Park where you will be able to do angling! This would add an extra adventure to your weekend getaway.

Paws & Anchor:

After adventuring with your dog, it’s time to treat him to a delightful surprise! This dog boutique has a vast array of pet supplies, toys, and various dog accessories, ensuring you find precisely what you need for your furry friend. Whatever you have in mind for your dog, this boutique is sure to have the perfect items to make the surprise extra special.

Pet-friendly Events:

If you’re that pet parent who wants to visit a pet travel destination in New Jersey, then visit Asbury Park. This park is one of the best places to be in because it hosts many pet-friendly events in this area. From comedy events to music parties to Asbury Park photo tours – everything will leave you mesmerized.

Visit Local Pet Services:

There are a number of local pet services available in Asbury Park, where your dog will have a great time for sure. These local pet services offer spas, baths, exercises, and relaxation time only for dogs, so if your pet needs any of these services, you can contact them for a happy hour.

enjoying weekend at Asbury Park Dog Beach

Asbury Park Pet-Friendly Restaurants:

There are many activities and fun to get back the energy in your lives; however, after doing all these, you and your pal’s stomach may give some signals, and to fulfill the cravings, Asbury Park has some brilliant local restaurants and bars where you can indulge your craving at a reasonable price. And most of them are pet-friendly. Among them, the below two are our favorite.

Kim Marie’s Eat n Drink Away:

Located near the Asbury Park boardwalk, this restaurant offers mouthwatering cuisine! You can try their mouth-water dishes while your dog can have some specially made frozen dessert. We loved the ambiance and gestures of the staff. They have a separate place to sit with your pet too.


This is Jack’s favorite place because the hospitality the staff and members of the restaurant show to dogs is amazing. That’s why our pal, Jack, loves to be in this place. Here, you will have 6 dog-friendly tables to sit with your pet. We go to this place for breakfast.

Best Hotels in Asbury Park:

Asbury Parks has many hotels, but we have witnessed great hospitality from these 2 hotels below. Every time we visit Asbury Park with our dog, we choose between these two for staying. The best thing about these two hotels is they are close to the boardwalk and beaches. Within 4 to minutes, you can reach the sea beach, and obviously, these are some of the top-rated dog-friendly hotels in the area.

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The Asbury Hotel:

From lavish beds to a swimming pool and various amenities, this hotel has everything you could desire for a perfect weekend getaway. The beach is conveniently just a 4-minute drive away. One standout feature we appreciated is the availability of spacious lawns and designated areas where our dogs could freely roam and play.

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel:

This is a 3-star hotel where you will find peace and relaxation after a lot of fun on the beach. This is also one of the pet-friendly hotels in Asbury Park, without a doubt. The Asbury Park Convention Hall is a 7-minute walk from this hotel, and the beach is just a few meters away. It just takes 3 minutes to get there. This makes this hotel an easy canine beach access to pet owners.

There are multiple options available when it comes to the best quality hotel, then these are our favorites.


To quickly sum up the entire article, we just want to tell you we have got you covered with all the information that you need if you’re planning to visit Asbury Park with your furry pal this weekend. We’ve picked the best thing to do in Asbury Park and the best places to roam around.

Apart from that, we have shared the timing and pet rules guidelines as well. But before you leave your house, calling the local authority to know the current situation and dog rules is a mandatory thing to do.

Nevertheless, if you are in New Jersey and wish to visit a dog-friendly place with your furry friend, then consider this amazing dog-friendly beach in NJ.

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1. Is Asbury Park dog beach open year-round?

A: From mid-September to mid-May, Asbury Park is open to dogs, but in summer, your dogs are allowed only in the morning and in the evening. 

2. Are there any fees or permits required to bring my dog to the beach?

A: Yes, you need to get permission and have to purchase tickets, and the rate varies from time to time. To know, call or visit their official website.

3. Are there designated off-leash areas for dogs at the beach?

A: Yes, there are some off-leash dog areas available in Asbury Park, but all areas are not off-leash areas. In some areas, your dog must be on a leash.

4. Is there freshwater available for dogs at the beach?

A: Not all beaches have the availability of freshwater sources. So carry water with you.

5. What are the nearest parking options for Asbury Park Dog Beach?

A: There are places where you can park your car. 1. Street Parking Area. 2. Boardwalk Parking Area. 3. Public Park Lots. However, if you want a place in the parking area in summer, then you must come down early to this parking area. In summer, it gets crowded.

6. Can I swim with my dog at Asbury Park dog beach?

A: Certain rules must be followed when it’s about dog-related activity and it changes. So contact the authorities to know more.

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