7 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

A little seaside foggy town tucked between majestic rugged ocean bluffs and rustic Santa Cruz mountains, Half Moon Bay captured my heart when I visited it for the first time. The dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay are perfect weekend getaway destinations that you should plan with your furry friend. The landscape, unique family farms, is just 45 minutes (20 miles) south of San Francisco. 

Dog beaches in Half Moon Bay are incredibly charming and great spots to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. The idyllic pristine Golden Coast, with breath-taking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, is a dream of every photographer. The exquisite seafood with the coastal landscape and extravagant pet-friendly hotels in Half Moon Bay are the reasons why you should come here often with your dog. 

best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

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How to Reach Half Moon Bay?

Half Moon Bay is a town in San Mateo County that has a small airport but cannot support huge traffic; the nearest and the international airport is the San Francisco international airport (SFO). You can drive to Half Moon Bay with your dog driving along Highway 1, which is also called Cabrillo highway. 

There are plenty of beaches in Half Moon Bay that allow dogs both off-leash and on-leash that will make you hop into the car with your four-legged furry friend and drive to the town. 

Needless to say, this article is a guide for my friends who are looking for dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay. 

Best Time to Visit Half Moon Bay with Your Dog

Considering humidity, temperatures, the best time to visit Half Moon Bay with your dog is during the fall (September-October) and spring (March-May) seasons. During this season you can completely soak yourself in the memorable beach experience without worrying about rain. 

The average temperature is always between 40 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit; as Half Moon sits along the coast it experiences foggy mornings and warm evenings. In winters (November-February) Half Moon Bay experiences rain and in summers (June-August) it experiences dense fog. 

I would recommend visiting HMB any time of the year on weekdays to avoid the crowd; its beauty is unique and soothing to the mind. You can hike with your dog off-leash, enjoy great yummy food, or explore the gorgeous dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay. 

Why Should You Take Your Dogs to Half Moon Bay?

Half Moon Bay has the most incredible pet-friendly beaches in Northern California. Visiting dog beaches in Half Moon Bay is an ideal way to make your dog happy and soothe your mind and body from the busy schedule. This seaside foggy town in San Mateo County welcomes dogs in a few beaches, open arms. 

These pet-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay are tempting and you can indulge in hundreds of exciting games with your dog. He will witness the new sight, make new friends, and experience new smells. Trust me on this; you should visit this place with your dog to experience the true meaning of peace, calm, and gratitude. 

Dog-Friendly Activities in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is an amazing dog-friendly vacation destination in northern California. The beaches of Half Moon Bay are the perfect destinations for dog-friendly travel as it offers a lot of outdoor space and welcoming vibes to the dogs. Along the gorgeous northern California coast, Half Moon Bay has several beautiful dog-friendly beaches. 

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Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

I have curated a list of 7pet-friendly Half Moon Bay beaches so that it will be easy for you to choose your spots and you can bring your friends directly to these beaches without any legal tension. 

1. Blufftop At Poplar Beach

Address: Poplar St and Railroad Ave Half Moon Bay

Parking fee: $2/hour for parking.

Pet Policy: On-leash dogs are allowed 

Poplar Beach is one of the favorite destinations for dog lovers because this coastal beach provides freedom to your dog to enjoy the soft sand and water. Blufftop at Poplar Beach is a jewel; you will be fascinated to witness beautiful pelicans, seagulls, tumbling shells, and sea glasses throughout the beach. 

The roaring sound of the beach and light brown sand is the best dog beaches in Half Moon Bay. From Kelly Avenue, the Blufftop’s coastal trails start and connect to Half Moon Bay State Beach till Magnolia Street.


  • Follow the rules laid down by the operator the City of Half Moon Bay
  • Respect the rules and be kind to other marine animals
  • Be aware of tides, currents, and the waves
  • Leave paw prints and not dog poop 
  • Horses can be spotted too 
Blufftop At Poplar Beach
Blufftop At Poplar Beach

2. Surfers Beach

Address: 4000 Cabrillo Hwy N Half Moon Bay

Parking fee: Free

Pet Policy: On-leash dogs are allowed 

From the community of El Granada north of Half Moon Bay across Highway 1 next to Half Moon Bay rock jetty and Pillar Point Harbor lays a beautiful beach called Surfers Beach. This is a very popular beach among surfers and boogie boarders. The surf is generally 1-2 ft long. 

During the high tide, the waves are so big that they can crash the rocks. During low tide, you can run on the sand and enjoy Harbor Beach with your dog. I would recommend you to witness sunset here, the sky turns golden, the lights are perfect and the view is spectacular. 

Surfers Beach
Surfers Beach

3. Mirada Surf Beach

Address: Magellan Ave and Mirada Rd Half Moon Bay

Parking: Free

Pet Policy: On-leash dogs are allowed on the beach on the trail and at the park 

Mirada Surf Beach is in the south of Pillar Point Harbor in El Granada. At the intersection of Magellan Avenue and Mirada road sits the beautiful Mirada Surf Beach which is one of the best dog-friendly beaches near Half Moon Bay.  

This local gem is one of the undeveloped coastal bluffs offering the most gorgeous view of the ocean. Above Mirada, Surf Beach has a beautiful park called Mirada Surf West. You can run, walk, stroll, or jog along the Coastal Trail enjoying the light brown sand. 

4. Mavericks Beach 

Address: W Point Ave Half Moon Bay

Parking: Pillar Point Marsh, Free 

Pet Policy: On-leash dogs are allowed

The big wave surf area, Maverick beach lays next to Moss Beach and outside the Air Force military installation on Pillar Point. This is one of the gorgeous beautiful offshore hidden beaches and is famous for the annual big wave surfing competition. Between November and March, the surf competition was held and it is one of the best games to witness in this area. 

The beautiful scenery may tempt you to hike to Mavericks Cliffs trail among the wildflowers with your dog. It is a dog-friendly beach in California with popular activities to enjoy with your dog. 

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  • Maverick (waves) can top out at 60-feet in winters.
  • It is located not right off Cabrillo Highway, therefore, drive onto West Point Avenue to reach this beach. 
  • Camping is not allowed 
Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay_Mavericks Beach
Mavericks Beach

5. Pacifica State Beach 

Address: 5000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacifica

Parking: $7.00 for half-day and $9.00 for full-day

Pet Policy: On-leash dogs are allowed 

Pacifica State Beach is the most famous and well-known Half Moon Bay dog beach in California, America. Pacifica State Beach has a different name and locals call it Linda Mar. Pacifica State Beach is backed by dunes for the northern half, the tall point of the north is called Rockaway Point. 

This is the best place to spend idyllic summer days with your doggo at the pristine white sand beach running, strolling, and hiking. I would recommend you to visit on weekdays with your dog to avoid the crowd.

Tips: Parking time is between 5 am to 10:30 pm; reach early to get to your park early. 

Pacifica State Beach
Pacifica State Beach

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6. Pelican Point Beach 

Address: 1001 Miramontes Point Rd Half Moon Bay

Parking: Free

Pet Policy: Off-leash dog beach in Half Moon Bay

Near Miramontes Point Road lays a beautiful beach that feels like you are in a private oasis. The beach is near the Pelican Point RV Park between the Half Moon Bay Golf Link and one of the best off-leash dog beach in Half Moon Bay. 

From here if you walk a little you can visit Canada Verde Creek, a small beach that refreshes your mind with the sound of crashing waves. 

7. Redondo Beach

Address: Redondo Beach Rd and Thorne Ave Half Moon Bay

Parking: Free

Pet Policy: Dogs are allowed on beach and trail 

Dog-friendly Redondo Beach is a long sandy beach that sits south of Half Moon Bay and north of Half Moon Bay Golf Links. You can discover Miramontes Point during the low tide which is the best place to watch birds. It is one of the most beautiful dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay that is famous for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. 

Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach

Half Moon Bay Tide Pools below the Ritz –Carlton Half Moon Bay Resort is a beautiful tide pool from where you can also visit Pelican Point Beach. A little away there is an open space called Wavecrest Open Space from where you can watch whales, seals, and many more fishes. 

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Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Half Moon Bay

Quarry Park: 

Enjoy an on-leash hiking trail with the majestic eucalyptus trees with your dog in a mystic atmosphere. This dog-friendly park in Half Moon Bayis on 40 acres of land, east of Route 1 in the hills of the El Granada community. This park offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, lush vegetation, and from here you can also visit Miranda Surf on Rt. 1. 

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail:

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail is a dog-friendly hiking trail in Half Moon Bay. The trail starts from Mexico to Oregon and passes through San Francisco. 

It offers a beautiful hiking experience with dogs and is a part of the mega California Coastal Trail. Dogs should be on-leash and I would recommend visiting in the Spring season when you can witness wildflowers. 

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Pet-Friendly Hotels in Half Moon Bay

It is always fun to run in the sand and get wet in the Pacific Ocean. However, being a dog owner you have to book dog-friendly hotels in Half Moon Bay so that no one is left behind and you can enjoy the holiday beautifully. 

Here are the 2 pet-friendly hotels in Half Moon Bay where you can consider staying. 

The Oceanfront Hotel 

The Oceanfront Hotel property is a 1-minute walk from the beach Miramar Beach in HMB, 0.6 mi away from Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, and adjacent to Miramar Beach Restaurant. It has received 3 stars with a private patio featuring a balcony, fireplace, and rooms with Tempur-Pedic beds. 

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Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay

Thirty minutes from San Francisco International Airport lies this 5-star resort that offers royal treatment to you and your dog. This hotel allows 40 lbs of dogs and a maximum of two dogs per room. This resort has a spa with a view of the Pacific Ocean, a golf course, tennis courts, and many more. 

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Tips: Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

  • All the dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay have laid down certain rules and regulations and before visiting these places know the cleaning up, on/off-leash rules, number of dog per person policies, and timings. 
  • Dogs might be frightened of sand and water if had not been in the sea before. So, be careful and take baby steps to introduce him/her to the new environment. Train your dog to walk on a leash.
  • Before visiting the beach prepare your dog with a microchip, name tag, and another form of identification tag to protect him.
  • The Half Moon Beaches are beautiful but the waves are unpredictable so be careful about your dog’s behavior. 
  • Clean up the area, carry poop-scoopers, and recyclable plastic bags to keep the place clean from dog poop.  


It is fun to take dogs along with you on holidays. And, Half Moon Bay is so beautiful that I feel I have used a travel machine and reached Scotland. If you are looking for dog beaches in Half Moon Bay, I hope this guide will help you to plan your next adventure with your furry friend. 

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FAQ – Dog-Friendly Beaches in Half Moon Bay

1. Are dogs allowed on Poplar Beach Half Moon Bay?

A: Yes, on-leash dogs are allowed on the sand of Popular Beach Half Moon Bay. It is a 2.4-kilometer trail accessible year-round.  

2. Is Miramar Beach Dog Friendly? 

A: Yes, Miramar Beach is dog-friendly and off-leash dogs are allowed too. 

3. Are dogs allowed on Venice beach Half Moon Bay?

A: Yes, on-leash dogs are allowed on Venice Beach or Half Moon Bay State Beach. 

4. Is Half Moon Bay dog friendly?

A: Yes, there are many beaches like Pelican Point Beach, Mavericks Beach, and Surfer’s beach which are dog-friendly beaches in Half Moon Bay

5. What beaches are dog friendly in Half Moon Bay?

A: Montara State Beach, Rockaway State Beach, and Sharp Park Beach are some of the best dog-friendly beaches near Half Moon Bay. 

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